Friday, March 24, 2006

Sweet medicine

I am ill. I am in the hot bath, eating the grapes I am offered.


I am ill.
I am in the kitchen making a dinner, not for myself.
I am in the bathroom doing the laundry, not for myself.
I am outside in the snow walking with the dog.
I am in the bed, finally.
I can't sleep, because I share my bed with a grumpy man, two giggly kids, one hot husky and one mad cat, who sleeps on my forehead like a furry bandanna.

Mr. Fox says:
Hey, that's you in the telly!


Dave said...

You're just trying to get on Green Wing, we know.

Get well soon.

taigathefox said...

Oh yes, my dad is acting just like Guy Secretan, but has a haircut ála Alan.

I'm bit better now, thanks.

taigathefox said...

The day after:
I sent Mr.Fox away. He's camping with my old classmate.

I didn't feel any sleepy last night, so I stared at the computer and messed around making people obviously mad. Sorry. I will shut it now.

At 1.00 am:
Blimey! I'll watch Green Wing again!

So I watched the first 4 episodes and went to the bed just when the boys woke up. I didn't sleep at all and now we have spent the whole day in the Zoo.

Anonymous said...

Had a busy night out?
I saw you ;)

taigathefox said...

I wish people would leave a name!

I was here, there and everywhere, so we probably met, yes :)

Wv: tvvekiet= tv and something very Danish

patroclus said...

Taiga, you stopped before the best episode!

taigathefox said...

Oh yes, I did.

But the earlier version of the episode was rather nice, too.
The one, where Mac was in the kitchen with my goth neighbour and then he suddenly went to USA and slept between the green & pink sheets, dressed in the suspenders.