Monday, March 27, 2006


While I had my own sleepless weekend party with the GW tape and one bottle of Tonic water,
Mr. Fox was camping with his friends.
He came back last night.
At first he opened the computer.
Then he went to the kitchen and washed the dishes.
After that he sat at the computer, looked at me and said: Hi.

Wehey, I got the Bronze Medal!

Apparently they had enjoyed of the joys of Finnish countryside:
- 48 hours of sauna ( for naked men )
- Endless amounts of drinks
- Open fire for cooking
- Frozen lake for swimming

The injuries marked so far:
- Two wounded legs
[it is surprisingly difficult to get out from the frozen lake when you're drunk)
- One burnt fleece
[it is surprisingly difficult to cook outside when you're drunk ]
- One slightly burnt arm
[ it is surprisingly difficult to run naked in the snow at night when you're drunk and
carrying two candles]


Dave said...

Nice picture.

taigathefox said...

It's J's drawing "Zenbo Grason".

mimi buzzard said...

Your weekend watching GW and drinking tonic water sounds much better than Mr. Fox's. Getting burnt and wounded doesn't sound like much fun to me. It must be a 'man getting back to nature' thing that girls don't understand!?!

taigathefox said...

Yes, mimi, it does indeed.

What really amazes me, is that they all are very nice and well educated men, but when they gather together in the woods (once a year), they'll behave like (naked and drunk) animals.

It must have something to do with this national lets-all-be-ill- week...

taigathefox said...

My better half has added a holiday photo in the Unrealun's fishy homepage.

mimi buzzard said...

I checked it out! What exactly is he doing in that photo? Looks like he's attempting to stab a sea creature of some sort...

taigathefox said...

Those were my toughts exactly...

The truth is that Mr. Fox isn't actually a rough looking killer , but a quite peaceful veggie :)

They just found ca. 100 dead salmons lying in the middle of the forest. Nice holiday, nice views.