Friday, February 29, 2008

A Typical Day of the Curator with Leggingsless Legs

Taiga Fox wakes up
shower, breakfast, dog, clothes, daycare, school, metro
meeting with a German art handler
meeting with an American art handler
trying to start drinking a cup of coffee
replying to twenty-ish e-mails
answering the phone
checking out an invoice
writing per diem papers
answering the phone
checking out the situation with the budget
deciding about the prize of the book published next week
answering the phone
trying to finish the coffee
checking out the colour corrections of the photos
answering the phone
checking out the press photos
trying to find out why e-mail from France bounces back
checking out the installation situation
proof reading the press text
proof watching a poster
sending information to a journalist
answering the phone
collecting mail
answering the phone
trying to think what to wear next week on a reception
answering the phone
replying to ten e-mails
finding a phone-number to an art-handler in Zürich for an American art-handler
throwing the rest of the coffee away
having a sandwich
answering the phone
having a farewell coffee & cake break
checking out if all the hotel rooms have been booked
sending various e-mails to USA and UK regarding the hotel rooms
wondering where the tape man has gone
saying no to a suggestion of meeting up with some Swedish guests
feeling bad about saying no
answering the phone
feeling relief that the museum dont't have a 1 cm lower sidewall
having a conversation with a Head Technician
trying to send an e-mail to France again and seeing how it bounces back
having a worried phonecall from London
making a phone call to a gallery
phoning to London
getting new installing suggestions from the artist
trying to tell the technicians they might have to do everything all over again
sending an artist information kit to the boss
sending similar kit to the opener of the show
answering the phone
sending e-mails
collecting unused taxi-cards
trying to solve out an insurance thing
collecting the undone stuff waiting for Monday
having a chat with the Head Technician
remembering an important thing which had to be done
finding an empty home
heating up a dinner
remembering that the articles which had to be read during the weekend were left on the desk
reading a magazine

In the magazine Harriet (27) says she spends three hours a day by doing her make-up and hair.
Taiga Fox wonders how anyone can have free three hours for make-up.
Harriet also says:" Before the leggings became fashionable, I saw a photo of those in Elle. Sometimes you have to travel abroad to find something and I finally managed to find them from London."
Taiga Fox wonders why Harriet didn't ask her, because she still has authentic vintage leggings somewhere in the basement.

Suddenly she feels she has turned to be her own mother.
Year 1986 Taiga Fox: I have to have a belt like that. Mother Fox: I had a belt like that in 1965, you can have it if you want.
Harriet and her 3-hour-face smile at Taiga Fox.
Taiga Fox wonders why she don't have a birthday on February 29th. She would be only 9. She apologises if she miscalculated her fictional age.
She can't really any Maths. Of course that's normal if you're just 9.
Taiga Fox realizes she has spent her free 35 minutes on thinking about that.
The dinner is cold.

Monday, February 25, 2008

On Thursday Night

Originally uploaded by Taiga the Fox.

Originally uploaded by Taiga the Fox.

I never forgot the day you came to us.
Someone didn't want you, put you and the other kittens inside the bag and left you on the highway, but you were lucky and saved by a stranger. You were already one year old when you arrived, but so tiny, so cute and named as a candy. I never forget your sweet chirrups.

You were always afraid of noise and traffic, but finally agreed to go out. When you were older, you always sat on my flower border, next to the hyssop. You didn't mind living with the big dog, who always tried to eat your food. You didn't mind living with two big tomcats, who ate your food. You didn't mind living with two little kids, who tried to eat your food and wanted to stroke your velvety fur. You loved the smell of their toothpaste.

When you were younger, you always slept on my pillow. Your tiny paws tickled my ears. You were like a furry, black night hat. I never forget the day the doctor said you're going to die and you might have either ten days or ten years left. You chose the latter one. During your last weeks you slept on my stomach for all the nights long. I never forget how warm you were. I never forget you, Nekku.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On Friday I will bury her

Here she is, a day after she arrived at our home.
14 years later she's still with us.
I wish I could make her last day somehow special.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

So that's why King Adolf Frederick of Sweden died of digestion problems on February 12, 1771

Today we have been living difficult times. It was year 1856 when Finns were forced to face same kind of serious problems earlier. The next year of the big dilemma is going to be 2160.

Normally on Shrove Tuesday we have to decide if we want to eat our laskiaispulla filled with strawberry jam instead of almond paste, but today, it was also Runeberg's Day. What a catastrophy! We had to decide if we want to eat Runeberg's tart instead and believe me, a pastry of almonds & rum filling and a topping of raspberry jam in a sugar ring is good.
During my hectic day I decided to eat them all. Later.

I just remembered I forgot to visit the shop. I missed the fabulous sugarparty!

Well, reading this made me feel bit better, sort of: King Adolf Frederick of Sweden died of digestion problems on February 12, 1771 after consuming a meal consisting of lobster, caviar, sauerkraut, smoked herring and champagne, which was topped off by 14 servings of semla, served with bowls of hot milk. Semla was the king's favorite dessert.

Bollocks. It didn't make me feel any better. I want my buns and tarts!