Tuesday, March 14, 2006

13 years

the Foxes hold a family conference.

Thesis: Taiga t Fox is messy.
Opponent: No I'm not. My eyes are just selective.
I wipe off the qualities that do not give pleasure to the senses
and concentrate on the beauteous.
Motto: If you want it clean, go get the cleaner.

Thesis: Our place is messed up. Taiga t Fox has got too much stuff.
Opponent: No it isn't. It is just slightly Chekhovian.
I sold 200 books already, do you want to suck me dry?
Motto: Without lots of stuff, Superlon would vanish - puff!

Thesis: Taiga t Fox is unpractical.
Opponent: Touché.
: Who wants to open the windows anyway? I'd rather learn how to do this

: Mr. Fox is the master of the universe of forgetting.
Opponent: Access denied.
Motto: Deleted.
Evidence ( from this week):
- forgot the oil
- forgot where the window opener was
- forgot the cheese in the bag for 4 days [I'm not eating that by the way]
- forgot where he put the ice picks [ naturally in the sock box and I did saw them in the candy box earlier]
- forgot to ask me if I'd want the other ticket
- forgot to get into the last bus and forgot to put the alarm on [Ha ha! Knock knock! Silence in the court room!]
- forgot how fast Taiga t Fox is to learn things

Without a murmur, the penalty is, guess what?

Look how nice embroidery I learned to do while you were away:


Dave said...

Oooh. Can you embroider my cricket shirt?

taigathefox said...

Want the same text?

[If you ever see me handling a real needle, I suggest you stand quite far away.]

Dave said...

I can sew a button on (and do, quite often) and have made the odd object (like a camera bag, once) but the bottom of my cricket trousers are interesting. Trying to shorten them, and then turn up and stitch the ends isn't as simple as it looks.

taigathefox said...

Believe me, I have done some very odd objects too.

occasional poster of comments said...

200 books sold and the My Little Ponies: what more does he want? Superlon must not vanish. SOS - Save our Superlon! Stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff! Stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff!

Also, tidiness and practicality: vastly overrated.

taigathefox said...

Oh yes, think about it. He's got this foxy lady with hundreds of books and a vintage toy-army. Besides I can change the tyres and harness a horse. Isn't that practical or what?

[ I think he would like to see me working. Properly, like people do. ]