Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Footnotes to the previous post

Bonus Tip

If you are feeling cold, like the flu might hit you in any minute,
do NOT
have a diet like I did yesterday:

1½ l mineral water
2 teaspoons of Vitamin C
½ packet of German Raspberry & Creme candies
Jamaican rice'n beans
1 garlic

It makes you:
feel restless
feel young and old at the same time
write stupid things
behave in odd and obsessive manners

And instead of writing / working you end up reading about strange hats with gestalt, invisible watches with flies wildly undone , Kojo "rogue" Annan and Albert the Lonely Post & his friends.

But anyway, if I didn't scare you far away
I wish you all a very nice, warm and lovely International Women's Day!

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Dave said...

And also to you.