Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Travel Day 4


I run away from the headache, but it hits me inside a shopping centre. I buy four dresses, two pair of shoes, two jumpers, two t-shirts, Dolce & Gabbana Eau de Toilette (and... erm... also L'eau par Kenzo), Playmobil-figures, Star Wars-legos and a bottle of Gewurztraminer. It doesn't help.
I drink two fresh juices called Bahama Sunrise in a bar, where three women wearing yellow outfits stand and smile behind a green desk and look how my deadly pale face scares the sunrise away.

In the evening we go hiking behind the hotel.

When we come back I feel like a pony again and jump across the street. My colleague saves me from being flattened by a car and throws me to the opposite direction.
Colleague: What an earth was that noise?
T Fox: What noise?
Colleague: Your breast said something!
T Fox: What? My breasts can't speak and besides I have to work with you in the same room, so if they do speak to you, don't mention it to me, please.

I stand up and wave a bit from side to side, but nothing is broken, except my bra.

We sit on the hotel's terrace and order some ice-cream.

I drop my spoon on the floor and spill some ice-cream on my new hiking dress and jumper. When I move myself my bra says sqweek-guiik-sqweek. My colleague tries to say something. I look up and see how some young arty people look at us. "Look, old people eat desserts", says one of them.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Travel Day 3


Another seven hours of hasty ramblings through three giant exhibition halls.
Names of the artists flow through my mind.
I see detailed documents, lenghty media installations,
I see Harvey Keitel in a black room,

I see clear messages

we go hiding.

During the night I sit on the white coach behind these doors.*

White people wearing white suits drink white wine whilst listening to white incidental music and dreaming about having been Andy Warhol in a black polo shirt.
We drink enormous amounts of wine.
We ask the waitress if it's possible to dance.
No, says the waitress, this is a chill-out club, you are supposed to sit on the sofa and chill out.
So we sit on the sofa.
My colleague pretends to be Spiderwoman who attacks a rabbit hole.
I try to save poor animal with my glittery hooves.
Unfortunately my taiga the hulk-hoof boots and snaps his room key in two pieces.
Next morning my 45 year old colleague explains to the receptionist how he sat on the key accidentally. I try my best not to neigh.

* Yes, one of the flattened figures is mine.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Travel Day 2

I wake up in the hotel and drink bubbly as a breakfast.

I love






and more colours.

I see

seeds and

stuffed animals.

I spend 7 hours by watching art. My legs hurt, my eyes hurt, my brain aches.
Who said this isn't work?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Travel Day 1

Darmstadt, Germany

A silent old man with grey hair gives me a pair of bright yellow rubber boots and shuts the door behind me.
I'm inside a dark cellar and can hardly see a thing. The place is filled with cold water. My skirt gets wet but I carry on walking. I watch how rotten fruits float.
Behind a corner stands this.

---Few hours later---

Frankfurt am Main

Behind this door I see how a German man does fairly disgusting things with English breakfast.

I buy a book called Die Überwindung des Menschseins Nach der Heilmethode von Prof. Pilzbarth.