Wednesday, February 28, 2007

T Fox goes egotripping

Well, almost everybody's done this memememe already, so I will too.

Seven things I have wanted to be :

  1. designer ( garden-/graphic-/industrial-/interior-/exterior-/anything goes-designer...)
  2. film maker or actress or both (bit like a singer-songwriter, except it has nothing to do with music and wouldn't work out anyway.)
  3. fiction writer
  4. antique salesman
  5. horse breeder
  6. a British blond, tall man, living in 1920s. Well, Sebastian Flyte actually.
  7. wiser

Seven things I have been:
  1. published
  2. window cleaner
  3. thin
  4. exhibited painter
  5. flower seller
  6. archaeology-/tv & film-studies-/Sanskrit-/literature/art history-student ( what a career)
  7. politician

Monday, February 26, 2007

T Fox visits The Betty Blog Clinic

T Fox: It started so well, didn't it? On Saturday I went to the shop to buy another box of the White Choc & Raspberry Biscuits. And I was happy, just looking at the red box. At least I didn't think about Internet. Well, maybe just a little bit. I was thinking should I tell everyone I think they are the best cookies ever made, but then again, I thought, who would care if I told anyone, so I just decided to give the money and go away. But when I was standing there, the coins on my hand, it all started to go wrong...
Dr U. Bonce: Yes, go on...

Cashier: It's 2.49.
T Fox: Are you here.
Cashier: Yes, I am here.
T Fox: No... Here you are.
Cashier: Yes. I am here.
T Fox: No, I meant "here you are", but I said it in the wrong order. It's too tricky when you can't moderate your comments in real life.
Cashier: In real life?
T Fox: Yes, here in the real life, not in the new blogger, which is actually much nicer than most of them say, you know, there is that very handy Add and Arrange Elements- section, which I like a lot, because basically I just like to click and drag, you know to rearrange elements on my life or smoething like taht.
Cashier: Smoething like taht? Where are you from?
T Fox: Where is the spell checking when needed?
Cashier: I'm not so sure if we have any spell checking. Did you check out the flour section?
T Fox: I'd like to delete this.
Cashier: What?
T Fox: Control alt delete.
Cashier: Sorry, I can't speak any Latin.
T Fox: Bloooog!

So there I was, standing on the icy car park, alone and blogless...
Please Doctor, can I write something small? No? Not even a meme?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A foxy capriccio

I'm off to write my book I haven't written since I started this nonsense.
See you later, fellow readers.

Monday, February 19, 2007

I'm the Master of the Boreverse

Hoff that hurt!

Cemetery of the Living Bed

July 1994

We all were feeling quite tired; me, Mr Fox and our friend "Muzzy". For two days we had been travelling, first by a ferry to Stockholm and then by a train across Sweden and Denmark.
Because we were young and extremely thirsty, we had eaten just some crackers, cheese snacks and chocolate cakes.
Because we were busy eating crackers, cheese snacks and chocolate cakes we hadn't had time to think about sleeping, until we wanted to just sleep forever and have some dreams of cheese cakes. Because we just wanted to sleep, we didn't think it was July, which was funny, because it was +30°C outside during the night, my lips were dry and my black short skirt had turned to be light brown because of the heat. Possibly because of the heat we hadn't booked any accommodation and it seemed like everyone else had done so.
Clever bastards.

Mr Fox: Where are we going to sleep?
T Fox: Can't we book a hotel room from there? [points towards the Cinderella's castle type of building with red carpets and elegantly waving flags]
Muzzy: Last time I was here, we were sleeping in a rather nice youth hostel. It takes just about twenty minutes to get there... by train.

So we went to the Railway Station, only to notice there was just one local train leaving at that time of night and it was going to the right direction. We jumped in and had a lonely ride to a place called Bussum Zuid. What we found in the darkness, was a sleepy dormitory town, but no place to sleep. The owners of the posh buildings were dreaming of their rectangular lawns, where the worms were at deep sleep, dreaming about whatever that is the worms dream of.

Mr Fox: Where exactly is that youth hostel?
Muzzy: Well, I think it was somewhere here or there.

The direction there led us to a bigger rectangular lawn, where the weeping willows silently whispered over the stone beds for the eternally tired ones.

T Fox: This isn't a youth hostel. I think it is a cemetery.
Mr Fox: So, besides you are beautiful, you really are bright too.
Muzzy: Stop it. I think I know that path there.

So there we were, silently walking our way, heavy backbags increasing our joyful mood, when we saw a flat warehouse on one curve of the track. Three men standing near a dented Chevy van, looking at us, climbing inside the car. Suddenly we were standing in the spotlights.

T Fox: What was that noise?
Mr Fox: Did they start the engine?
Muzzy: I think they are after us. Run!

To be continued

Saturday, February 17, 2007

I add an advert

So, I wasn't having a baby, just been busy with the wind.
Now when back in blogging I invite you having at least a virtual tour in the --- ( The doors are closed, sorry )

How to get an heart-attack or at least get retired quickly: Start a career as a museum guard

The rooms of the museum were crowded by guests longing for free complimentary drinks, having no heartfelt desire for the political aspects hidden in the masks of contemporary art or the steamed faces of the curators. They were interested in the face-lifts of the famous, hot gay couple on the corner and the missing ring of the political leader's former secret admirer's finger.

Suddenly a strong voice cuts air.
The zestful chit-chat ends.
Something falls down.

A tall man: It wasn't me.
A tall man [under the hundred pairs of goggling eyes]: I didn't do anything!
He looks down on his feet. There is a part of installation on the floor. A rusty saw. The hundred pairs of goggling eyes stare the tall man staring the saw.
Taiga Fox: I saw it. He didn't do anything.
A tall man disappears. The eyes stare Taiga Fox phoning the conservators.
Taiga Fox can't lift the saw from the floor because it is an object of art, not a saw, so she stares the saw and guards it from the feet of the owners of the goggling eyes.

15 minutes later the conservator and the artist arrive. The artist picks the saw from the floor, because it is obviously just a saw and tries to place it back.
It falls down again.

There is a new guard standing in the corner. I've never seen her, she has never seen me before.
She looks at the conservator laughing happily. She looks at me smiling happily. She looks at the unfamiliar man wearing a dark woollen hat on his dark long hair, lifting up the saw.
The man starts to saw. Curly pieces of wood slide through the air. Skreaking voice of the metal teeth biting the wood fills the air. Everybody smiles. Sweaty man saws harder.
The guard [jumping trough the room]: Noooooooooooo!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I disagree with everything is said

There have been better weeks.
I have just found out that if everything goes wrong, it just goes.
If I try to be as zen as one can pretend, it won't make anything better, it just makes things even more unclear. I might be inside the bubble, but I fear, and hope, somebody will poke a sharp, but pointless needle on it.

And it's damn lonely there.
Some French once said the worst loneliness is the kind you have whilst around people.
I agree with that, so actually I don't disagree with everything is said, but I might probably disagree something else that French once has said.
I also noticed if i say something I am misunderstood. If I don't say anything I am misunderstood too.

So I just sat there, inside my bubble.
I sat there on the metro. My mobile rang and I didn't find it, because it was already in my hand.
Even inside a bubble one can feel those unpleasant glances of the amused.
I sat there at work. Around me, I saw people who made me feel not so shiny and more unhappy than I thought to be. I tried to speak but nothing came out. Well, something came out, but that was nothing.

I also noticed that you can't be inside that bubble for too long.
I made my decision to finally say why I disagree, but then I saw it coming closer, breaking my bubble. That did hurt, because I didn't know I felt that way.

I agree with myself. I should have stayed in that bubble. At least I produced some understandable words inside it.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Thursday, February 08, 2007

questioning the quintessence of taiga

Mlle B. Insecúre: What is there to do in Taiga?
Mr Google: Wha? Lets ask her.
Taiga: Well, there is lots to do. It's such a brisk wind outside.
Our Indonesian guest just went ice-swimming.
I was just inside a dark metro tunnel, sitting in a metro with no lights on.
So there's lots to do in Taiga, you see.

---- 12 and something hours later ---

I just thought to say this: apologies I haven't found any time on commenting or anything lately, but after a week I will show you why, I suppose.
Meanwhile I might answer some more questions of the googlers.

Googler One: Where can I find Taiga?
Taiga: Here. Obviously. Visit us again.

Googler Too: Good things humans have done for Taiga?
Taiga: If I would be a Miss Somethingverse contestant I would answer, but I am not.

Googler three across the sea: Is there salmon in Taiga?
Taiga: No, but there will be cheese in Taiga soon.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hellsinski freezes over

Happily I'm quite happy,
because this isn't funny
and one's tears will freeze here.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

In the name of something

This was supposed to be a blog post. I couldn't think about anything, but then I remembered BiB's post about names.
So here you are. Some Finnish names with a meaning. I am also included, without Indonesian biscuits.


Anna 'give me'
Ansa 'trap'
Hellä 'gentle'
Ilta 'evening'
Laina 'loan'
Lempi 'love'
Meri 'sea'
Marja 'berry'
Rauha 'peace'
Satu 'fairytale'
Sini ' blue'
Suvi 'summer'
Taimi ' seedling'
Taru 'legend'
Tuuli 'wind'
Unelma ' dream'
Varma 'certain'
Vilja 'grain'


Aarre 'treasure'
Aatos 'thought'
Armas 'dear'
Arvo 'value'
Aulis 'willing'
Heimo 'tribe'
Into 'enthusiasm'
Kai 'maybe'
Oiva 'splendid'
Onni 'happiness'
Sulo 'charm'
Taisto 'fight'
Taito 'skill'
Tarmo 'energy'
Tenho 'fascination'
Toivo 'hope'
Usko 'faith'
Uljas 'valiant'
Urho 'brave'
Valo 'light'
Voitto 'victory'

But in the name of something, don't name your son Unto, which means 'slightly dim' or
Yrjö, a popular slang word for 'vomit'.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Dear Diary,

I could have got used to my sick-leave. Few days ago we went skating and came back to home when the sky was dark, almost violet. The snow was creaking and it shone like small stars had fallen on it's untouched surface. I told the cubs to look at it and they did, shouting: Yuck! We're in the Barbie World!

Today I was back at work. While I had been away there were mostly brilliant things and few minor catastrophes happened. But basically I went to see a building by the sea, had some coffee and bun, wrote something, ate excellent wasabi-tofu with sea weed, walked around to see the brilliant things and had some coffee with our lovely guest, who told that the biscuits we were eating had the same name I have.

After my tiring day, I was told about the skiing school and the first missing tooth, we went to the sauna and I found the surprise my dog had left into our bed.