Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Four acts and a funeral

Act 1
At the Flea Market

- Finding some nice toys for the Superlon [nearly ready].
- Keeping my jacket on my arm.
- Having a conversation with an another customer.

Lady customer: I saw that first.
Me: Pardon?
Lady customer: The jacket. I saw it first.
Me: No, it's mine.
Lady customer: I saw it. I want it.
Me: No, it really is mine. I'm wearing it. I have bought it already from the shop. It is not for sale.

- The greedy Lady customer don't believe me.
- She is pushing me towards the table.
- I'm hitting my leg.

Ouch. [But I still own my own jacket.]

Act 2
Coming out from the shop

The setting: a slippery uphill [still snowing here].

- Carrying two huge shopping bags, one handbag, one canvas bag (15 books inside) and a packet of dog food (10 kg).
[I'm not a weightlifter-lady with a moustache. I'm just.. erm ...strong. ]
- Falling down.
- The dog food is flying in the air.
- Hitting my tail to the asphalt.


Act 3
At home

The setting: a home in the 4th floor. No lift.

- Carrying up everything previously mentioned and two fighting kids.
- My leg is hurting.
- My tail is hurting.
- My throat is hurting
- My eyes are dripping.
- Having a fever.
- Having a ravenlike voice again.


Act 4
In the kitchen

- Boiling some potatoes.
- The odd, naughty potatoes don't get boiled.
- Offering Mr. Fox some nonboiled potatoes.
- Having a massive scene by myself.
- Shouting: Boil your own potatoes!

He does.

I'm going to the bed now.


Dave said...


taigathefox said...


I am a red-eyed raven walking like Ozzy Osbourne.

Dave said...

That image reminds me of a film, but for the life of me, I can't remember which one.

Dave said...

Or is it a book? I've been going round for the last hour, saying 'Ravens?' to myself.

If anyone else where here, they would think I was mad. Or tell me the answer.

So I went and watched my video of last night's episode 2 of Green Wing instead. Now I'm not mad anymore.

I still have pictres of ravens in my mind though.

Dave said...

Ah. Got it. 'The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul'.


taigathefox said...

Oh my crow.
I'm actually so ill I didn't think any movies or books at all.

I quite liked the image of you wandering around and shouting: The raven, the raven!

tiina said...

The Crow? Are you playing Brandon Lee dying?

taigathefox said...

I'm starting to play Tippi Hedren and the vicious attacking birds soon. The vicious attacking H5N1 birds leaving their cages, actually.

I'm sorry, but I could't do the Superlon today. I'm taking my headphones now and start to listen the Other Man. Good Night all.