Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The mutterer's box with worthless money

Yesterday evening, after doing some wearying household-things, I had to do some paperwork.
As it wasn't already bad enough, I didn't find a thing, which has no name. Well, it surely has, but I don't know it in Finnish, so how could I know it in English.*

I was trying to find the thing and a name for it.
If there would be a course called "Office-aid things naming for beginners", I would participate, if it would be free and possibly during my working-hours.
Well, anyway, I was going to take off some staples from the papers, carefully, but I couldn't, because I didn't find the thing with no name.
I even opened my million-box, but it wasn't there.

What is inside your million-box?
Yes, in that box, where you put everything you might once need or everything you just happen to have in your hands, just when you are leaving the house and don't know where to put it. You put it inside your million-box, don't you?
Well, I do.

This is what I found:
1. Designer's gouache Giallo limone (dried)
2. A Japanese pencil from the 70s
3. Five English pounds
4. Twenty Deutsche Marks, [when was it when Germany got Euros?]
5. Ten Deutsche Marks [sigh]
6. One Finnish mark from 1982 [we've got Euros too]
7. 20 Estonian cents
8. A coin of Serena spa lockers
9. A white plastic gate for Pippi Longstocking playhouse
10. Beauty and the Beast-video brochure
11. An used ticket for Dance-theatre Hurjaruuth's Winter circus
12. An empty expensive pen
13. Save our Zoo-badge. [Never seen before. Either the Zoo or the badge.]
14. Black tape
15. A yellow earplug, unused
16. A pair of shoestrings, unused
17. A plastic screw
18. A half-eaten Bob the Builder's cat-shaped eraser
19. A brown cat-shaped reflector
20. An odd-shaped football-magnet [from Easter egg]
21. A used Gallen-Kallela-stamp
22. A mite picker
23. A plastic snail
23. A bunny-shaped reflector
24. A key-ring with blue light
25. A key-ring with seal-picture
26. Some wool [I don't have a sheep or a goat, must be husky's]
27. Unused magic sand
28. A pink heart-shaped eraser with cute animals in it
29. Black thread
30. A yellow plastic ball [I remember like I'd tried to find that, but don't remember why and when]
31. An Equus Judo thingy [I'm a question mark shaped person. What is this?]
32. Wonka Spooky Nerds Fruit Punch Flavoured candies
33. A rock with a metal hook
34. A papyrus bookmark
35. A piece of pine bark with a hole
36. A yellow silk ribbon from 70s [my granny used to tie my plaits with these]

* I am a terrible mumbler. Everyone who has seen me knows that. Anyway, thank you for your visit, lovely Patch and Mr. Blue Cat.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Art of Illusion?

Valokuvatorstain 18. haaste on viesti, merkki, logo, ikoni.
Kuvasin viime viikolla vanhoja keloja, jotka olivat saaneet uudet vaatteet. "AOI" oli viestin syvin olemus, mitäpä sitten tarkoittaakaan?

The 18th challenge of "Valokuvatorstai" is a message, a sign, a logo, an icon.
Last week I took some photos of these old pines, dressed in the new shiny outfits. AOI was the message, whatever that might be?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Saga Superlonica 3: The Purse of the Black Earl

Futonia was softer than a mashed potato in the sun. Ella Salmon didn't feel well. She just wanted to sleep like a tired woman.
Eiseemi Laxi: Mother, you need a hot cup of earl grey.
Ella Salmon: Oh yes, my minor macushla, there's a tea salong. Look, it says "The Black Earl" on the door.

And so they entered the felted room.
Stejar Strahl: Two teas and a cabbage soda, please.
Black Earl: We have only pumpkins and bananas, monkey eyes and ananas.
The turtle: You should try the coconut.
The other turtle: Although a man whom life intoxicates, who has no need of dine, shall have the haberdasher's hazelnut.
The third turtle: But...
The turtle: Just shut up.
The other turtle: If you find that hazelnut, your life will be like a shell.
The third turtle: That didn't rhyme.
The turtle: Oh whine whine whine.
The other turtle: If you will find the dad, find the nut, and run fast. But don't feed the animals.
Stejar Strahl: You're the second one who says that.
The other turtle: I'm not named The other turtle by accident.

Black Earl: Now snug in your bed, there will be no marks left in your head.
Stejar Strahl: What marks?
Black Earl: It will hurt you like a gooseberry does to the yoghurt.
Stejar Strahl: What does the gooseberry do to yoghurt?
Black Earl: Well, don't ask me. I'm not a berry.

Yogi Ghurt: But you can always ask me before you sleep.
Stejar Strahl: Ask you what?
Yogi Ghurt: Like what is the colour of the Black Earl's purse?
Stejar Strahl: Black?
Yogi Ghurt: No, you ask me.
Stejar Strahl: Like what is the odour of the Jack Pearl's nurse?
Yogi Ghurt: No.
Stejar Strahl: Wrong answer.
Yogi Ghurt: No. You are supposed to ask me, not to answer me. Like who is twenty-eight today?
Stejar Strahl: Oh, Happy Birthday.
Yogi Ghurt: No, I'm not...
But Stejar Strahl was already asleep.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Fox hiking

Taiga Fox looks at the white sails in the wind, migrating birds, waves hitting on the red striped rocks.
Her cubs are jumping on the rocks, shouting gleefully, searching for something worthy to show.
She hears crickets on the hay, gentle humming of the junipers and a splash.

The smaller cub sits on the big rock, eating sandwiches, dressed on his mother's socks. The older cub flies a kite.
Taiga Fox sees a pebble path, blue water of the sea, red water on the rocks and a kite tangled on the pine.

Both of the cubs sit on the big rock. Mr Fox is on the top of the pine. A family, dressed in their best outdoor outfits take photos of each other towards the sun.

The family member: [whispers] Is there a man on the pine?
The other family member: [whispers] Oh. What is he doing?
Mr Fox: [loudly] I forgot to take my knife with me!
T Fox: Come down! It's only a kite!
Mr Fox: Take my knife up here!
T Fox: In your dreams. It's only a kite!
Mr Fox: Well, ask that man to help then.
The family member comes for help. He jumps up and down, but can't reach the thread he's supposed to cut.
The other family member: Why don't you both climb up there, so we can leave you there.
T Fox thinks of the fine idea, just a second before the thread is cut.

The Fox family climbs up the highest hill and comes down.
They walk further. The older cub decides to swim on the sea, too. They have no dry clothes left, so they just walk on, until the cubs wants to drink.
T Fox tries to find the older cub's bag. There is no such thing anymore. She walks to find it and finally finds out it's left on top of the hill. It's in the middle of a bronze-age grave. She sits down and sees how the sun plays on the silent sea.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Steely Bar goes to Leningrad

Whilst taking a circuitous slide through the lilacs, there was just one question spinning inside Blue Pays d’Auge's dazzling mind.
How could the Vanished Flâneur disappear like an hairpin into the chignon?
"We are certainly living in topsy-turvy times", sighed he, before speaking to his portable cufflink: "Hark! Steely Bar, where are you?"
Steely Bar answered with a weak voice: "I’m right above you".

Blue Pays d’Auge shrugged his velvet covered shoulders in a questionable manner.
"What are you doing up there?", he shouted to his right hand, waving from the hot air balloon.
Then he saw her. He couldn't have forgotten that smile, glorious as a samovar, now shining close to Steely Bar.
"He’s going with me", announced the husky voice of Olga Sensuela.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mummoni muisto oli erilainen

Valokuvatorstain 17. haaste on muisto.

Mummoni istui aina muistelemassa ikkunan ääressä jotakin kadotettua. Omaa nuoruuttaan, kotiaan, koivuja merenrannalla. Hän kertoi purjelaivoista, rantahiekasta, veljen haitarista aina kukkivien syreenien alla. Mutta minä en jaksanut kuunnella kuin puolella korvalla. Enkä koskaan ymmärtänyt miksei hän mennyt katsomaan omaa kotiseutuaan, kun siihen aukeni mahdollisuus.

Mummoni kuoleman jälkeen minä matkustin paikalle. Mummoni muisto oli kauniimpi.

This weeks photo challenge is a memory. I've told about my Granny's memories here.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Saga Superlonica 2: Boot 99

Mr. Easy-Spider: Welcome. This is the Road to Futonia.
Stejar Strahl: Oh, hello. Have you got any maps?
Mr. Easy-Spider: What are you searching for?
A three legged table? A pair of Bambidate sandals? The wisdom how to pack twelve eggs aesthetically in the handbag? An onion? A forlorn sanguinity?

Stejar Strahl: Probably squash. Or the one who searches for the fisher's father.
Eiseemi Laxi: It's me, the fisher robot. I ate my turtle, which was lost and then found.
Ella Salmon: And I am the fisher's father's wife. And he's lost too.
Mr. Easy-Spider: Who is?
Stejar Strahl: The fisher's father who is searched by the one we don't know, but supposedly should search for.

Mr. Easy-Spider: So what exactly are you looking for?
Eiseemi Laxi: We don't know.
Mr. Easy-Spider: Oh my Cod, a tricky one. Then it'll be the Teflon Alley. There.
Ella Salmon: It looks like vulnerable and bumpy and filled with blue brute creations.
Mr. Easy-Spider: No, they just the local hikers, Ronnie Slide and Brainman. I assure you the road is silent as a feltboot factory.
Have a nice digression. Remember not to feed any animals.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Valokuvatorstain 16. haaste on uoma.
Lumiuoma viime maaliskuulta.

A snow bed.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Saga Superlonica 1: Bambigate scandal

And Eiseemi answered.
Eiseemi Laxi: I thought it was a Granny's Curdle Pie. Oh that little skeleton...
Stejar Strahl: Yes, it was like a hurdle in the wind.

Deer Troat: The conundrum unanswered will let you debate whilst bannered.
Eiseemi Laxi: Pricket!
Deer Troat: Huzzah! I didn't ask the question yet. Concentrate or get the gate.
What is it? It is loud and tall, coloured like the sky and shouts: "Squash is the mother of celluloidica!"
Eiseemi Laxi: It must be a...
Stejar Strahl: No! Don't answer! I know it. It is "Deep Blue Sea".
Eiseemi Laxi: What?
Deer Troat: The Wrong answer. The right answer is searching for the fisher's father.
Focus and pocus, the oculi opens!