Monday, March 20, 2006

20.3.06 at 20.26 *

I woke up early, too early, when someone shouted faaak! very loudly, straight into my ear.
It wasn't Sue White swearing, but A (3 years) practicing what kind of a noise a vulture does.
Soon it was my turn to play a raven.
I opened my mouth to say something, but kraah was the best and only sound I could do.
A didn't notice anythig peculiar.
He lifted the blanket away and said:"Mom, you are very muscular."
Gee, I hope he didn't mean:"You've begun to resemble a Bulgarian weightlifter-lady with a moustache".

This muscular woman, with a husky ravenlike voice, had a horrible day.
I actually worked today and didn't spend the whole day blogging and staring at some photos.
I ate some Panadol and wrote. [I should be ill more often.]
I had a short break and soon it was my turn to shout faak!, because I noticed the announcement from our TV-station:
"We have already bought the second season of Green Wing." [way to go!]
"It will be aired sometime in 2007."
[ I'm polite and don't print the words I said. Besides you don't seem to have such words in English. You swear very nicely indeed.]
Well, one thing's for sure: I am definitely not going to wait for a year. A month or two maybe, but a year! In that time I could easily walk to England and back to see all the episodes live. Maybe I'll do.
If you see a shaggy fox walking and swearing out loudly in an odd language, don't shoot, it's probably me.

I was supposed to be potting some plants, but I didn't.
I was staring at the computer quietly.
I asked the kids what they want to eat.
They said : "Nothing, but we would love to have a tuba and the steam organs".
I said: "Okay".
I'm in trouble now.

* The exact time of the spring equinox. The midnight sun, here we come!


Dave said...

I will be video-ing Green Wing 2 when it starts here at the end of the month (and I'm recording the first series when it replays from 11 tonight). This, sadly, may not be of much help to you.

Although I suppose, for large sums of money, I could be persuaded to lend you the tapes.

Dave said...

Oh, and 'resemble' not 'remind'. Or 'remind me of'.

I really ought to charge for these English lessons too, shouldn't I?

taigathefox said...

Thanks, but I might *ahem* do some slightly illegal operations here with this computer. Or move temporarily to London. Thanks anyway :)

Okay, here's a large sum of money:
Spend them wisely.

tiina said...


taigathefox said...

Obviously you didn't know.