Thursday, March 16, 2006

Age 13

I was born just few months before the Swindon's Magic Roundabout was constructed.
When I reached the age of 13, it was 1985.
The year when Rock Hudson died and Keira Knightley was born.
I lived in the land between Reagan and Gorbachev.
I lived at home, without a VCR.

07.00 Just five more minutes.
07.15 Just five more minutes.
07.30 Okay okay, I'm awake. Soon...
07.45 Why didn't anyone wake me up?
07.50 Should I wear that bright yellow Mexx with oversized belt or Angora sweater?
07.55 This gloss doesn't match with it.
07.57 I'll wear that white Rocky IV-jacket instead.
08.00 I've lost my plastic earring. I have to change the sweater.
08.05 I'll eat just one toast and cup of coffee.1 No butter!
08.10 I'm so fat
08.15 Where's my Victoria Principal workout-book gone?
08.20 I have to change the jeans.
08.25 *running*

08.30 Maths
Ooh. Pete's back from Ingles. He's was so tanned. I just love his college-shirt.
09.15 Break
I found a fantastic picture from Ok Magazine. I love Morten! He's soo cuute!

9.30 Swedish
*writing Pete pete pete pete in the calendar*
10.15 Break
Ooo! He has a Honda Monkey. Did you see, Pete's got a monkey! Squee!

10.30 Physics
*writing a "this week's list of cute boys"
11.15 Lunch
I'm so fat. I'll eat just the soup.
OMG! Pete's sitting there!

11.45 Arts
12.30 Break
Did you hear that Duran song? It was so weird. It must be that Bond-thing. And they were wearing some odd cloaks or something.

12.45 Arts
*drawing a plan drawing of Pete's home*
13.30 Break
Karate Kid was the best movie ever! That Ralph Macchio is so yummy. It was sooo cuute when he was standing on one leg.

13.45 Biology
*writing a poem*

14.30 *stalking Pete and walking back to home*
15.00 *brushing a pony*
15.30 *riding a pony*
16.30 *brushing a pony and shoveling some sh*t*

17.00 I'm not eating anything. That's for sure! I'm fat.
17.15 *doing some Principal workout*
17.30 Homework
17.45 *reading the new copy of Smash Hits*

18.00 Kate and Allie
18.30 * having a Mars-bar and a Diet-Coke while watching The Cosby Show*
19.00 *reading Bravo-magazine. Don't understand German. Staring at the pictures. Clipping the pictures out*
19.30 *playing with the cat*
19.45 *eating some candies and chocolate*
20.00 Dynasty
20.45 I'm so fat. *drinking water*
What should I wear tomorrow?

21.00 *recording Take on me from radio to the cassette.
21.15 I must definitely see Back to the Future.
21.30 *watching Chariots of Fire from tv *2
23.00 *in bed reading The Valley of the Horses*
23.30 I love Jondalar!
23.59 I wonder what Pete is wearing tomorrow?

It definitely was something like that.
The diary and the calendars in the photo are real.
I couldn't read them.
I saw the carefully mastered plan drawing though.
That was so Sue White. [My life hasn't changed much.]

1 Yes, I started to drink coffee at the age of five. Might explain a lot.
2 Oh, those times with two TV channels!


Dave said...

If you really want me to say this, it's time for your English lesson again.

Articles are missing from the first paragraph:

'it was year 1985.' Either it was the year 1985, or it was 1985.

'I lived at home, without VCR.' Without a VCR.

Otherwise, very good. Completely understandable (as much as the thoughts of a teenage girl can ever be understandable to a [nearly] middle-aged man). 9/10.

taigathefox said...

Thank you for the lesson,
Mr. Dave.

Yours sincerely,
(nearly) middle-aged woman

Dave said...

I'm sorry for being such a pedant. You did say you wanted me to correct your English. I'm just soooo bored, having been stuck at home all week with this chest infection.

I've even found time to trace blogs stranger than yours (see my blog today).

taigathefox said...

Please, do so. I might learn something, or not :)

I just visited Karen voight 6 pack facial expressions. She seemed to be such a nice lady from Mar'si.

Dave said...

Did you know you can get Swindon Magic Roundabout t-shirts? Pictures, plus far more than you ever wanted to know about it (including date of construction) are to be found here:

(Told you I was bored.)

taigathefox said...

I wonder how is it ever possible to survive through that?

tiina said...

Driving on the right side of the road, like you do. Possibly.