Thursday, August 31, 2006

45 minutes of November lights

Valokuvatorstain 15. haaste ja aiheena valo.
Rakkain aiheeni, enkä siis voinut jättää yhteen kuvaan...
Arkistojen kätköistä kuvia eräästä marraskuun iltapäivästä, Helsingin Vuosaaressa.

Valokuvatorstai's 15th challenge, subject: light, my all time favourite.
I couldn't pick just one, so here's 45 minutes November lights from Vuosaari, Helsinki.





Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Teflon Prevue

Was that just a salmonella?

Monday, August 28, 2006


There they all were, standing in the old house's garden.

Taiga Fox: So, there you are, my sweet Platycodon Fairy Snow, hiding behind the pimpinella rose. Oh go on, Iris setosa seedlings, go on and fill my acres with your magnificent vibrant blue...

Mr Fox: Why did you plant that horrible twig in the middle of my beautifully squared green!

The Fox Cubs: Let's go and sow some sand seeds with waterculate mixture inside the mother's shoe!

Granny Fox: Let's just sell the hideous house. Too much trouble.

The Ghost of the Great Grandma Fox: I wonder if 30 bushes of blackcurrant was enough?

Mr. Always-willing-to-know (aka the neighbour): Why aren't there any Fieldfares in your garden? I have covered my bushes with nets and still there aren't any berries left?

Taiga Fox: Dammit! We've made 100 bottles of juice concentrate already. Why don't the birds eat the berries?

Dr. Whim Natural: Surprise! Look what I managed to grow through the garage floor!

When others get tired, the Finns go on complaining. Even 4 times longer than the other nations.

Helsinki Complaints Choir

This is the week I'm going to start a new job (in a place pictured also in the video).
So whine, whine, whine and so on.

My future motto:
"Now aiming for at least one post a week. Ish"
Occasional Poster of Comments

Friday, August 25, 2006

Gimme five, or four.

Löysin eilen hienon Valokuvatorstai-blogin ja päätin heti osallistua 14. haasteeseen.
Aihe on "Kämmenellä".

For non-Finnish speakers and learners: Yesterday I found this Blog Valokuvatorstai (The Finnish version of PhotoThursday) and I'm participating this week's challenge with this shot.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Finland. Sold out.

Honouring the Night of the Arts , my current blogpost shows you some Finnish textile design I absolutely adore.

Ivana Helsinki. The clothes are filled with positive melancholy. Described as Slavic-Scandinavian style with slowdesign identity. I love their Dead Butterflies and Loghouse Lover - collections, but check out the camp Camping spirit, too.

Marianne Valola.
A purse from the glorious Women's Day- collection ("Naisten päivä"). I'd just love to bake some bun dressed in her churchboat-patterned outfit.

Oh, the name of this post. What an earth they sell in this Small Shop?

Monday, August 21, 2006

Blue Pays d'Auge and the Vanished Flâneur

It was an early sunrise in the Dandelion Valley.
Today it wasn't the pheasant, it was the phone waking up the residents of the Plesnt Towers.
Epiphany Lullaby scratched her elegant ragamuffin fingers on her master's left leg.
The master, Blue Pays d'Auge, made a tempestuous glance on the torn sheets.
"They were blanc d'innocence virginale- coloured, for heavens sake!"

He answered the phone just for hearing the excited voices of his left and right hand;
Joan Galaxy and Steele Bar.
They told him the alarming news. The Vanished Flâneur had made a spectacular escape.
"Bloody pimpernel! Just a mo, I collect my portable cufflinks and come instantly!", he answered and made a delicate jump towards the window.

Friday, August 18, 2006

I'm not superiously rock. I'm Hilda Fazer-Blue.

This is the first time I'll do any of these kind of things. And probably last, but anyway. I just love to put letters in the wrong order, if no-one has spotted that yet.
Thanks Dave.

1. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet and current street name)

Kesy Portti.

[Ok, I'll translate it.]

Tame Gateway

[It isn't very cool, is it? Well a suitable name for a rock star, who plays a hammond organ maybe.]

2. YOUR MOVIE STAR NAME: (grandfather/grandmother on your Mom's side, your favourite candy )

Hilda Fazer-Blue

[Well that's something. Singing with Fred Ashtray.]

3. YOUR "FLY GIRL/GUY" NAME: (first initial of first name, first two or three letters of your middle name)


4. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favourite colour, favourite animal)

Blue Cat


5. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born)

Marita Kouvola

[Maybe if I'd had a side role in some unknown Latino Soap]

6. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first name, first 2 letters of Mom's maiden name and first 3 letters of the town you grew up in.)


7. Terrorist Name: (middle name spelled backwards, your Mom's maiden name spelled backwards).

Atiram Nenopur

(That's not a terrorist name. That's more like a shopkeeper in Mumbai.]

8. SUPERHERO NAME: (your favourite colour, favourite drink)

Blue Pays d'Auge

(What kind of a superhero is that? That sounds like I was a distant French relative of Batman's Robin or something.]

If some-one wants to do this, feel free.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Fox Family Holiday - Chapter 3, where T. Fox wants to be alone, but turns to be the very avatar of pandemonium

T.Fox wants to be alone. She wants to drink at least one decent cup of coffee.
She wants to look at the Murano styled glasses in the museum shop.
She wants to stay a little bit longer staring at the wall.
The cubs want to have fun.
Mr Fox thinks the wall-staring means T. Fox is either mad or angry or both.

The Fox family tries to visit the antique shop, but the cubcuriousity tries to kill the owner.
They go out.
T. Fox: I'm going back now.
Mr Fox: No you won't.
T. Fox: Yes I will.
Mr Fox and the cubs go on walking.
T. Fox: I'm going.
T. Fox [loudly]: Why can't I have just five minutes of my own? I just want to buy a nice postcard!
One! Postcard! Five! Minutes!

Mr Fox: You've got your five minutes. [sits down and starts staring at the clock]

T. Fox can't find the street where they were, because she was concentrating on her rant.
She finds the shop, but there are too many postcards. The owner looks at her suspiciously. All the postcards are used, except one.
T Fox buys the one and runs. She comes back after 4 and a half minutes. She spends another five minutes sitting on the bench, while the rest of the family eats some snacks.
T. Fox looks at the thing she bought. It isn't actually a writable postcard. Its an old stereoscope card from France, probably.

T. Fox wants to buy stamps.
The line to the desk is impressive. The cubs look at the comics, Mr Fox looks at the maps.
Finally T. Fox can give her postcards to the woman behind the desk. She counts the cards: 11 to Finland, 1 to France, 1 to Slovenia and 2 to England.

Ms Post: What is this? [points the card's text "United Kingdom"]
T. Fox: It says United Kingdom.
Ms Post: Yes, I can read, but what is it?
T. Fox: Well, it's England.
Ms Post: Why didn't you write England then?
T. Fox: Erm...
Ms Post: Why did you write England on the another card?
T. Fox: I didn't, he did [points at Mr Fox]. He likes to write England, I like to write United Kingdom.
Ms Post: So, two to England then.
T. Fox: Yes. No. Can I have one more? [remembers the stereoscope card] and an envelope please.
Ms Post:Would that be to United Kingdom too?
T. Fox: Yes, please.
Ms Post: So three to England.
Ms Post gives T. Fox two different kind of stamps for Finland's postcards and single stamps to elsewhere.
Ms Post takes everything back.
Ms Post gives T. Fox single stamps to Finland and two different kind of stamps to elsewhere.
T. Fox pays and goes away. The cubs can't wait anymore. T. Fox tries to hurry up.
T. Fox operates with the pile of stamps and puts the postcards into the box.

The Fox family goes to the beach. It's almost empty. She feels lonely. The sand is wet and light camel brown. The cubs dig it. It's black underneath.
T. Fox notices she has got three stamps still with her.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Fox Family Holiday - Chapter 2, where The Fox Family arrives to Kuressaare and T. Fox turns to be a mother

Taiga Fox is speechless.
She has heard of this island, but she didn't believe.
Now she is amongst them, who can smile knowingly to the others.
She walks through the old pebble paths and smells the history.
She looks at the vanishing painting of the houses, limestone chambers of the castle, old trees waving up in the sky, fossils on the beach.
It is The Kuressaare Chamber Music Days, but the streets are fairly empty.
The island was opened just about 15 years ago*, she thinks. Why didn't she come earlier? Well, at least she was here before the old Mac Donald.

The cubs: We want hamburgers!

T Fox finds the burgers, walks slower, visits the toy shop, buys some Fanta, looks at the ants on the pavement, picks up the dropped hat, takes the cubs to the toilet, cleans up their ice-creamy faces, buys a new pair of sandals, takes the cubs to the park, listens to them fighting, finds them something to eat, washes the muddy trousers, picks up the horribly noisy toy, gives a shoulder for the wounded, climbs up to the castles roof, watches out the little ones won't drop down,
has an exhausting pedalboat trip on the moat, calms the cubs by saying there really aren't any dead warriors at the bottom, wonders if that's why the water is so green,
walks faster than she really could, takes the cubs to the toilet, finds something to eat, goes to the suburban supermarket, tries to find snacks for the evening and cheese for the sandwiches, picks up the dropped items, says the cubs they
can't shout so loudly, cleans up the bubble gum from the t-shirt, stays still when the cubs want to see football-playing, listens to an argument, explains what happens in the cartoon, tries to find the missing clean sock, combs the hair, brushes the teeth, says there aren't any giant spiders under the bed.

She stays awake and listens to the joyful noises coming from the streets, thinks about the things she should do, watches how somebody's running in Göteborg and how Britney Spears sings in a road movie. She thinks about the giant spiders under the bed and hears how the music gets bit louder somewhere.

* During the Soviet era the island was closed to foreigners and even mainland Estonians needed an invitation to visit it.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Okay. You didn't see anything. There were no household objects included.

My links are not working.
Interpreter Pavlov's Wohnhouse is turned to be a Functionalist cube.
My Engrish is even more Fingrish.
The (deleted)don't know how to use water. They have forest fires everywhere and Finland is sunken into the deep blue smoke. I have a forestfirefever.*
I can't add any photos.

If I could sing, I would sing, but I can't and my musical taste is turned to be too twisted without any sisters.
So I let another Finnish woman, a way more famous than a shaggy foggy fox, to sing.
The Misheard Lyrics of Nightwish.

*Actually it really isn't any fault of the deleted. But the forests behind the border have been burning for weeks and weeks and...
And the smoke isn't just a gentle smell. It has been a thick blue smoke.

Monday, August 14, 2006

The Fox Family Holiday - Chapter 1, where the Fox family leaves and T. Fox turns to be a natural born navigator

Sunday 6.8.2006

1.30 am. Taiga Fox packs everything.
2.30 am. Taiga Fox goes to sleep.
2.45 am. Taiga Fox wakes up, because she forgot to pack the passports.
3.00 am. Taiga Fox goes to sleep, because she actually didn't forget to pack the passports.
6.00 am. The alarm wakes the Fox family up.
7.00 am. The Fox family sits in the car.

7.30 am. West Harbour, Helsinki
Mr Fox: It says clearly on these ferry tickets: "You must arrive one hour before the ferry leaves". Why are they still waiting for the passengers of the 8.00 ferry?
T Fox: Because our ferry leaves at 9.00 am.
Mr Fox sulks.

8.00 am. A woman: Tickets, please.
Mr Fox gives her the tickets.
A man: Passports, please.
Mr Fox gives him four passports.
The man: Car Registration documents, please.
Taiga Fox remembers this is the thing she didn't check out. She searches, but there are no such documents.
8.10 am. Taiga Fox finds the documents.
Mr Fox gives the papers to the man, who looks like he'd like to have another job.

8.11 am. Mr Fox drives towards the sea.
Taiga Fox: Stop! I think we'll have to stop here.
Mr Fox: But the woman clearly said: "Follow the path 2." This is it.
Taiga Fox: But can't you see the stop sign?
Mr Fox: Yes. I do see it, but we'll have to go to the ferry.
Taiga Fox: There is no ferry here yet.
Mr Fox: There is one.
Taiga Fox: It's quite big.
Mr Fox: It has to be.
Taiga Fox: I think it's located on the another side of the canal.
Mr Fox: Oh, it's one of those American cruisers.
The Fox family sits in the car.

8.45 am the AutoExpress comes.
Taiga Fox: Why did we have to be the first ones?
Some man gives the Fox family some hand signals.
Taiga Fox: What is he trying to say?
I think he wants us to drive somewhere.
Mr Fox drives towards the ferry.
Taiga Fox: I think that man wanted to see the tickets.
Mr Fox drives back.

9.00 am. The ferry leaves.
10.40 am. The Fox family arrives to Tallinn, Estonia.

10.41 am. Taiga Fox: Why did we have to be the first ones?
10.45 am. The Fox family is lost somewhere around the harbour's parking place.
10.48 am. Taiga Fox: Follow that car.
The car apparently goes to the right direction.
Taiga Fox tries to find out what road they are actually driving, finds the right map and sees they somehow have managed to drive through the Estonian capital.

14.00 pm Taiga Fox: What happened? How are we already here? We didn't get lost? Should we stop here? This village is called Kaali. (Editor's note: Kaali is a cabbage in Finnish).
There are no visible vegetables, but a shiny, odd thing standing on the field.
(Editor's note: This is the place, where the photo should be. The Blogger won't let the Fox add the photo. Close your eyes and imagine a photo of a shiny thing on the field.)
The Fox family finds a meteorite lake.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Helsinki city fox

After two months of awkward quietness, the fox arrives to the biggest shopping mall in Helsinki.
The fox wants to buy one pair of kids wellies, size 31.
There are apparently hundreds of kids wandering on the streets with their 31 sized wellies, because the shops haven't any left, except pink ones with Moomins. The fox thinks about a boy with pink rubber boots, and buys something else instead. She buys one skirt for herself and sits down.

They are everywhere. The signs. Bright letters saying:
Buy me. I am extraordinary cheap. Sale sale sale.
And the fox buys her cubs pair of shoes, two t-shirts, one jacket, one jeans jacket, one pair of outdoor trousers, two pair of waterproof gloves, two knitted hats, one rain anorak and Myy-gloves, three pairs of rain trousers, two books, monster strawberry bubblegum, Ninja turtle outfit, Turtle-toys, lunch boxes...
and two jackets for herself.

Afterwards the fox sits in her car.

The maniac fox: Ha! That was cheap!
The little fox inside the head: It wasn't really.
The maniac fox: But look how many I got!
The little fox inside the head: Really, you don't have any money left.
The maniac fox: Well, I had!
No, actually I hadn't.
(the maniac fox remembers one bill she didn't pay yesterday)
The little fox inside the head: Ha! I knew it. Dare I ask how are you going to pay the new stairs now?
With the lunch boxes and Ninja outfits?
The maniac fox: Blimey.
The little fox inside the head: And what about the holiday?
The maniac fox: Bugger. Well, at least I've got the car. Listen to that horrible noise somebody's car is making. Ha. Mine doesn't sound like it was a tractor stuck inside the tin.
The little fox inside the head: Erm, it is your car...

The fox has now a red brakeless bike and a red brakeless car.
She's going to cross the Finnish border very soon with the big red brakeless.
See you after a week.
If the fox isn't in Lithuania.
Or Minsk.

Son of the Fox presents: The Funny Song

The Funny Song

A boy called Funny,
had a cupboard,
found an egg
and painted it a face.

Far away,

in Africa,
an ostrich jumped high.
No no!
I don't want to be an egg!

J, Son of the Fox, says: "Take a guitar and sing as you like."

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Foxford Current Country Dictionary, page 1


1. a place, where you meet
people [Middle English peple, from Old French pueple, from Latin populus, of Etruscan origin ],
who knew your Grandpa in late 50s and who know your relationship tangles better than you do.

2. a place, where you notice you are a natural
gatherer, not a hunter.

The Foxford Current Country Dictionary, page 2


3. a place, where you have to do hard work.

4. but a place, where you really don't need a shovel, because you have a mole, which leads you to see some dead animals in your mind.

The Foxford Current Country Dictionary, page 3


5. and after that it will be a place, where you have to take a nap.

6. a place, where you start closing your eyes for not seeing the dropping nails and collapsing buildings.

The Foxford Current Country Dictionary, page 4


7. a place where you finally reach the crucial state of mind, when you start believing you were actually aiming for the cottage garden style.

After that state of mind you've reached, there is no need to worry about your hay fever, fox hounds or hopeless laziness. You have received the essential countrymind enlightenment.