Friday, March 17, 2006

Superlon Mystery 13 ¾: Superlonian Pastorale

Superlon goes splatter.

Eiseemi Laxi: Wake up! Stejar! What have you done?
Stejar Strahl: Mmph?
Eiseemi Laxi: I close my eyes and when I wake up, you are lying on the ground.
Stejar Strahl: Mmmm?
Eiseemi Laxi: Lying on the ground with a chubby Russian lady, actually .
Stejar Stahl: Hmmm...
Eiseemi Laxi: The chubby Russian lady had a baby boy, by the way. Looks a bit like you.
Stejar Strahl: Eermm.
Eiseemi Laxi: God, are you the father?
Stejar Strahl: Erm..nee. What?

Eiseemi Laxi: Why is that octopus wearing a ketchup camouflage?
Stejar Strahl: No idea.
Eiseemi Laxi: Oh, and that poor little fish. Just a head left in my bed. The carpet is messy, too. Why, oh why?
Stejar Strahl: No idea.
Eiseemi Laxi: Maybe you do when you'll have a view to a bill. Why are we in this hotel anyway? Where are we?
Stejar Strahl: Hrmprh. I dunno.
Eiseemi Laxi: You are as cheerful as the monkey's bum.
Stejar Strahl: It's hard to be happy when your socks are wet.

Eiseemi Laxi: Shh. What's that noise?
Stejar Strahl: Oi! That pink geezer is stealing the baby!

To be continued...

No fish or Russians harmed during the photo shooting.


Dave said...

'a view to a bill'

Is that a pun on an James Bond film?

taigathefox said...

Quite a bad one, but yes it is.

Dave said...

And the fish head in the bed is in homage to the Godfather? (Particularly as you said 'God, are you the father')

The octopus out of Octopussy?

'Superlonian Pastorale' is a little bit like Casino Royale.

Or am I just imagining things?

Dave said...

Oh, and 'From Russia with love'.

And the Pink Panther seems to be in there too.

taigathefox said...

Are those drugs legal in England?

No, you're quite right.
Superlonian Pastorale comes from Godfather too; Sicilian Pastorale.

Wv: bfilmi = b-film in Finnish
(Was this just a coincidence or what?)

tiina said...

Bond and Pink Panther on the horse. I've a feeling I've seen them here before...

taigathefox said...

Blimey, so it seems to be :)

occasional poster of comments said...

>>It's hard to be happy when your socks are wet<<

It really is. One of life's great truths there, I think :)

Happy Saturday, by the way. Have a JRT interview.

taigathefox said...

Thanks, that must be the best Saturday-present ever :)
My socks have been bit wet lately, partly due to a hole in my shoe.

"I just chuntered along, then forgot to do anything else."
(I could have said that.)

taigathefox said...

If he ever opens that A man who has never left home - museum I could be the curator.

(Here we go again.)

occasional poster of comments said...

Glad you liked the present.

"I hang out with my dad sometimes, since the untimely and rather irresponsible death of my mother." I'm sorry. "No, it's fine. She's never done it before."

What a great line.

taigathefox said...

Oh yes I did. That line was terribly witty.