Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Superlon Mystery 9:Pet shop Bobs

Kamikase MacRaeven pushed the two lurkers through the door.

East End Bob: Welcome to the Museum of Cultural Consumption. Free entrance, buy some junk.
Perhaps a genuine bracelet made of brisky builders ribs?

Stejar Strahl: We're looking for a lost treasure...
East End Bob: Oh, Jones and Gyver-men then. West End Bob knows better the vintage stuff, but he's fallen in the black grouse's pit and will be lifted up as soon as the spring comes.

Eiseemi Laxi: Turtles?
East End Bob: I'm sorry, we ran out of Donatellos ages ago.
How about some chiken little's quaranteed flu-free but still crispy wings?

Stejar Strahl: No thank you.
East End Bob: Bye-bye then if you don't buy anything.
I'll have to cut up pieces for the meals of sorrow.
Principal isn't happy because somebedy let all our ranga-tangas free.

To be continued...


Dave said...

It may have been Kalevala's Day and Finnish Culture Day yesterday, but it's St David's Day today. Hurrah!

Oh, and you mean 'through' not 'trough'.

taigathefox said...

Happy St David's! Any special treats today?

It was Shrove Tuesday yesterday here too. I ate too many buns with cream and jam. After that we were sliding down the hill in the dark.

Yes, I'm clearly blind and all. Thanks.