Thursday, September 27, 2007

[Sigh] Italy [Sigh]

The dinner is served
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Grotesque beauty

Pescatori al Pistacchio
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Prosecco, Bellini, parmesan, panini

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Anguria gelatelli

Pasta for the Goths
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That what made me have black teeth

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Few flights and couple of blokes called Leinonen.

I don't particularly fancy flying. Even less now when I have booked flights from KLM. I read their website which proudly announced: "You can choose from the following special meals:
* Vegetarian
* Fruit
* Asian vegetarian
* Strict vegetarian
* Babies
* Children
* Diabetes mellitus
* Cardiovascular disease or elevated cholesterol
* High blood pressure
* Gluten free
* Lactose free
* Muslim
* Kosher
* Hindu "

What I apparently couldn't understand was the word intercontinental, so I booked the flights and only later found out that they serve only basic catering meals on European flights. I seriously thought if I really should get a flight to USA and back on my way to Italy, but then I remembered this beautifully creepy sight and decided that I probably wouldn't like the taste of Diabetes mellitus anyway.

Well, later that day I was delighted about the shade of the skies.

If you visit Helsinki when I'm away, you should visit Taidetuunaamo by an artist Leinonen.
The words "Katso tuunausvideot" means "look at the tuning videos".

Also, later that day I was invited to a secret party, ate a secret cake, drank a secret coffee, didn't taste the ingredients of a secret bottle, but saw a secret singer called Leinonen.

Here is he singing about something small and warm [pieni ja lämpöinen]. You can learn the lyrics whilst I'm swimming in Laguna Veneta.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Have you seen Futuro?

I've been ill for three days now and stayed at home, doing much nothing. What is worst in flu, is that you can't really go out or do anything you'd just like to do. Like having a long bicycle ride to the neighbouring city. Tomorrow, when I could probably do it, I might not be interested anymore. [Ok, remove the might.] Also, what is terrible in flu, is that you really can't see any people, even if you'd finally have time for it. I tried to call few friends, but apparently all my friends had a shopping day yesterday. I knew there is Buy Nothing Day , but why didn't anybody tell me if there was also an annual world wide Let's All Go Shopping Except That One With The Flu Day?

So I stayed inside the house and did a shopping list called To Buy When Having a Completely Different Style.

1 Screw Table by Eero Aarnio

1 Sven Lundh's Eyeball

1 Mae West Lips Sofa

Some Polka Jam Orkestra Clothes

1 Futuro Home

But where to find that? I have seen one in late 70s. It was an Ufo Café in a small village called Luumäki (translates as Bonehill). Have you seen any?

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

How to mingle?

Few days ago my friend told me he is bit worried that he just don't get small talk at all. I'm probably not the best person to give that kind of advice, but let me tell you a Finnish joke instead:

Two guys, let's call them Jukka and Pekka, meet after a long time apart and they go to a sauna to have "one" beer. They drink vodka for a couple of hours. Pekka asks how Jukka has been doing. Jukka says nothing, but continues drinking for a couple of hours. Then, slowly, he replies: "Did we come here to babble, or did we come here to drink?"

(My favourite Kaurismäki clip)

Sunday, September 02, 2007

This is an ad-free blog

so if you wonder why I added one, I have my own cow in the ditch (as we say, don't ask me why), because they published two of my photos. So if you want to look at some sights of Helsinki, there are some, I suppose.