Friday, April 28, 2006

Superlon Mystery 18: It's a small pearl after all

There were no hen in Nohenland. It was all round bouncy and glittering gloomy place, full of gentle whispers.
Sleep sleep whispered the planets of dollywood.
Deep deep whispered the beach toys.
Peep peep whispered the distant voices of the sinister chicken.

Eiseemi Laxi: I have a horribly strong urge to say weep weep.
Stejar Strahl: I think we should take a giant leap out of here.
Darmadian black-haired dragon: Fast movements aren't allowed here.
Lieber Sandmann: The slowest movements may help you to find what you lost.

Eiseemi Laxi: Have you seen me turtle?
Darmadian black-haired dragon: The dawdlers are all gone, but we found your ring.
Stejar Strahl: The ring!
Darmadian black-haired dragon: Yes it's here, somewhere under the pillows, but small pearls are seldom found.

Lieber Sandmann: Never sleep with one eye open, it makes you too fired to see.
Darmadian black-haired dragon: Yes, if you mess up the dough, flour and potatoes on the floor you can't eat.
Stejar Strahl: I lost it again!
Lieber Sandmann: Take my sand, we're off to see the never clever hand!

To be continued...


Bhamini said...

Very nice. Perhaps you'll find some resonances in my blogs at and

occasional poster of comments said...

Wonderful :) I'm looking forward to the never clever hand.

[reminisces for a while about having long hair and head-banging]

Please don't dub me unforgiven, by the way, but I always preferred Megadeth. Sad, but true.

taigathefox said...

Bhamini; welcome :) I will surely visit India...

OPC; wherever I may roam, you're my friend of misery, with Megadeth memories or not :)