Thursday, April 06, 2006

Superlon Christmas Special

It's quite suddenly Christmas Eve in Superlon.
All the chums are jolly and they cheerfully give away nearly everything they have.

Eiseemi Scrooge: Thank you. I have always wanted the "Posh and Becks' Small Impression" dvd.
Stejar Strahl: Thank you. I have always wished for the "Pontia Pilates workout" dvd.

Man far beyond wisdom twinkles his bells.
The Schildpatt Twins wonder what they definitely should not wear while having the funky chicken boogaloo with intensely groovy dull youths.
They all wine and dine, whine and finally argue what is yours and what was mine.

Saucy Santa shocks the fox by revealing it all.
Eiseemi Scrooge faints.
He sees the ghosts of Christmas past, looking through the windows, grinning, before they fade away.
Eiseemi Scrooge: O turtles where are thou?
The ghosts of Christmas past: We are here to show you the errors of your way. Go home.

Merry Bloggy Christmas to Lucy, Albert the Lonely Blog Post, Miranda, the Yucca Plant, Rodney the Pea, Opc in Not 4'33".


occasional poster of comments said...

I'm lost for words.

Waaaaayyyyy better than my Xmas post.

And the Pontius Pilates Workout DVD - genius!

On behalf of the entire Not 4'33" menagerie, many thanks, Taiga, and Merry Christmas (Eve).

taigathefox said...

Glad you liked it.

>>Well, what do you buy for a bunch of blog posts? I didn't have a clue. I mean, they've got the whole worldwide web at their disposal. Everything's on there.<<

I decided to give something which wasn't there yet :)

the Not 4'33" mob said...

Best gift ever!

santa claus said...

Ho, ho, hic!

[collapses in a drunken heap, numerous presents spilling from his sack, all addressed to the Fox family]

[slowly raises head from prone position] Wha...? Have I been here bef...zzzzzZZZZZZZ

occasional poster of comments said...

Sorry. Couldn't quite sober him up. Turns out he's obliged to visit, whatever state he's in. So...

At least he has some presents.

Incidentally, sorry to ask, but you couldn't point him in the direction of Lapland when he wakes up, could you? Much obliged.

rudolph said...

Don't worry, me and the other lads'll get him out of here.

I'm feeling much better now, as it goes. Stomach's fine and the old nose is back to full glow. It takes more than a eating a few yucca leaves to see me off! After a little sleep I was right as rain. They don't half give you strange dreams, though, those leaves. [looks back at previous post] Maybe you know that. At least I think they were dreams. At one point I could have sworn that yucca plant was talking to me. And then there was some vicar trying to eat me. Must have been a dream.

But there's the bite marks... [shudders, then tries not to think about it]

taigathefox said...

How nice of you to leave the fellow chap and reindeer here.
[a glimpse of slightly affected gentleness]

Err, the strange dreams...
>>You shouldn't talk with them. They might be your mother.<<
The possible interpretation given: "Don't talk to any virtual plants, posts or peas, because it is just your mother playing with you."

[Goes to sleep nervously.]

rudolph said...

>>How nice of you to leave the fellow chap and reindeer here.
[a glimpse of slightly affected gentleness]<<

We'll have him out of here the second he's capable of getting in the sleigh, Taiga. We'd put him in it right now, but it's difficult to lift things when you don't have hands. Anyway, rest assured the fox earth will not be seeing a repeat of the regrettable incidents on Not 4'33".

occasional poster of comments said...

You can sleep easy, Taiga. I don't think I'm your mother. Seems to me like I would have noticed that kind of thing. Well, I suppose I could have been in another life. Who knows? But then I would say that, wouldn't I?

Erm, I'm not libelling a Finnish national institution or anything with all this drunken Santa stuff, am I? Sorry, that possibility only just occurred to me.

[scuttles off to consult google]

So, in Finland Santa is called Joulupukki(?) and was originally an evil old goat who demanded rather than gave presents - perhaps I'm on safe ground after all. Either that, or I've been undoing a century or more's worth of good PR...

Dave said...


I am usually Rudolph's script-writer, so I don't know who this imposter is who's visiting you. Watch out! He may be trying to ride off with various valuable Superlon artifacts.

Oh! Oh! Oh! (As we reindeer-writers say).

taigathefox said...

>>So, in Finland Santa is called Joulupukki(?) and was originally an evil old goat who demanded rather than gave presents<<

Don't worry, because you're right. Joulupukki (Christmas Goat) was originally an ugly creature who frightened children, but thanks to the mighty Coca Cola he's turned into Santa.

I think the saucy drunken Santa is funnier. Especially now when he's in his journey back to Korvatunturi (Mount Ear).

taigathefox said...

Dave, does this mean I sent Santa away with an imposter reindeer? Oh oh. I wonder where they'll end up.

Dave said...

Never mind, you ended up with the love of a pea, and that's worth far, far more.

[See Not's comments for today]

taigathefox said...

Rodney's here?
Blimey, there's nothing more fun than a pea love.

[begins to search for the lost peastiary]

taigathefox said...

The birdie must fly and the fishy must swim, the horsey must trot and....
....Peas, peas, peas, love...

occasional poster of comments said...

Dave, I was just borrowing Rudolph. Or should that be, saving him from being eaten alive?

tiina said...

So taiga, you got your Hippies then?

taigathefox said...

Tiina, Hip hip, hippeas. Two episodes so far.

taigathefox said...

I think Dave must have eaten Rodney, because I really can't see any pea here.


Dave said...

I cannot tell a lie (that may not be true). Yes I did. And now I'm so happea.

taigathefox said...

Oh oh.
Is this the off-key rendition of We Three Kings OPC suggested?

"Those three little kingies grew peaky and lean, and lean they might very well now be..."

taigathefox said...

A funny old mother fox lived in a stye,
and two little cubs had she; "(Ti idditty idditty) umph, umph, umph! and the little cubs said, pea, pea."

Wrong verses I suppose?

[okay, I'm off]

Anonymous said...

taigathefox said...

"I guess that's about as wrong as I've ever been."

Brilliant, anonymous.
[May I just point out that I haven't arranged a romantic rendezvous at a remote beach, not even with a pea.]