Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hairy tales

When I was a kid I had three fears:
1. Spiders
2. My hair gets burnt
3. Somebody cuts my hair and puts it in the box
[I had nightmares after seeing my mothers ponytail in the box. Shudders.]

Few weeks ago J (5) asked me why he is looking like a girl. Well, both of the boys are very nice looking and they both have the Julian haircut. Every once in a while some stranger calls them sweet little girls and I have noticed J gets upset. I may have to get some courage later in my life and if they want short boys hair I may have to say yes.

I have heard that short hair is nice and easy and whatever.

This is my bad hair year:
1. Spring
It's silvery gray day. The seagulls shout in the wind.
My hair is tangled.
It takes two hours to brush it straight.
2. Summer
The kids run on the golden hot beach.
My sunburned hair is full of sand, ice-cream, seagulls poo and salt.
It takes two hours to wash and brush it.
3. Autumn
The air is full of wet, orange leaves and leaving birds.
My hair is just wet like a dishrag.
4. Winter
It's black and white.
My hair is as electric as a small power station.
I'm just like a very pale rastafarian.
It takes two hours to brush it back to the shape.

If my hair would be short I wouldn't get stuck:
1. Between closing tram doors
2. In to somebody's handbag
3. In to some stangers' fingers whilst they are shaking hands [it's embarrassing]
4. In to a former celebrity's leather jacket

Few years ago I had enough of sitting painfully on my own hair and let the hairdresser to cut 12 inch off.
It wasn't worth of it. Nobody noticed a thing, except the hairdresser who charged me some mystical long-hair-extra-fee.
I bought my own scissors, but don't have the guts to cut my own hair.
My hair hurts.


Interpreter Pavlov said...

Well I think you and yours are lucky to have any fox-fur at all. My hair (as you can see from my picture) can be numbered in single figures, but that doesn't stop Sophie Frimousse the hairdresser charging mystical rates for arranging them.

taigathefox said...

Oh, how thoughtless of me. So furry and futile I am. [sigh]

mimi buzzard said...

Weird coincidence! I was thinking about my next blog post last night and it's about my problems with hair!

Long hair is definitely more intersting than short hair (in my opinion!). However I imagine that washing very long hair to be a real nightmare?!

Im intrigued to know who the 'former celebrity' is?!

taigathefox said...

>>Im intrigued to know who the 'former celebrity' is?! <<

An internationally unknown vocalist of a Finnish pop band from 80's [very, very bad one, but it was popular].

I was in the same night club some years ago. He put his jacket on, but didn't notice he had got my whole hair under it, so he sort of dragged me along like a caveman for a while.

mimi buzzard said...

Oh no! How embarrassing! Was there a big scene when he had to stop and untangle you from his jacket?

taigathefox said...

My hair slid away and as a result I fell down, which was very embarrassing.
It seemed like the slightly drunken mr celebrity didn't notice the whole incidence at all! He apparently had his eyes on a very well-developed chest of his companion.

Dave said...

2 hours! I have my hair cut very short (so much easier for playing cricket) and when I get out of the shower it's usually dry before I can even pick up the towel.

However, I can see that the look of beard and short hair on top might not look so attractive on a woman.

taigathefox said...

Well that wouldn't be handy if your hair gets stuck in to the cricket bat. I haven't experienced that...

Anonymous said...

Have you got red hair?