Monday, April 10, 2006

The Hippy Trippy Moomins

My intention was to read bits and pieces from one Moomin comic book. The cub audience was disappointed when I quietly placed the book back to the self. I certainly didn't remember what kind of odd trolls the Moomins actually were.
Here's a short chapter from the comic strip Moomins in Torrelorca (by Tove's son Lars Jansson 1968):

1. -"These LBJ-pills don't seem to be very efficient."
-" But they form an addiction like popcorns do."
2. - "The sugar crusting is so good."
- "They say these effect on your sense of time."
3. - "I wonder if it's true? "
4. - "These LBJ-pills make me to behave irresponsible."
- "Yes, they definitely do."
5. -"It'll be best if we followed them. "
- "They did pop half a kilo and may do something terrible ."
6. - "Don't worry, they'll get high soon."

As a result the whole Moomin family end up staring at the moon for a week and they miss their flight.

This wasn't just once, because Moomins have also been to Riviera, where Moominpappa gambles his money, drinks whiskey and has got a terrible hang-over.

More Moomins not to be seen on the Japanese animation series:
- Moomins and Modern Art
- Moomins and the Guru
- Moomins and the Golden Tail (parody of the celebrities)
- Moomins and the Agent 008 ½

New Link! There are 24 comic books published, but unfortunately it seems they are not translated. Some more episode names:
- Moomintroll in Neanderthal
- Moomintroll and the Radicals
- Moomins and the Vampire
- The underdeveloped Moomins
- Moomintroll and the Marsians
- Mummytroll in the Wild West


Dave said...

I wrote a long comment here. Blogger lost it. I'm too tired to write it again.

taigathefox said...

As the saying goes: Lyhyestä virsi kaunis. (The shortest hymn is the best).

mimi buzzard said...

Ha ha! You're a good story teller

occasional poster of comments said...

>>The shortest hymn is the best<<

What an excellent saying.

Is that really what those Moomins are saying?

[Starts to make brief, squinty-eyed, computer-assisted attempt to translate what those Moomins are saying, then just looks up the title on google]


wv: xsztfy - something the Moomins took in the 90s?

occasional poster of comments said...

How odd! Apparently I was just listening to a Finnish mandolin trio on BBC Radio 3 whilst writing that.

taigathefox said...

That really is what the Moomins say. I didn't make it up :)

When I was a kid I was scared of the Moomins. They have changed quite a lot during the years. Unfortunately what the Moomins took in the 90s was something non-Finnish.

The original Moomin comics were first published in England in some newspaper, but apparently the Moomin comic books haven't been published / translated?

Sopwith-Camel said...

I had a Moomin book when I grew up. In it they went on holiday and turned their hotel bedroom into a swimming pool and lived on the four-poster bed floating in the middle of the chaos. I remember thinking "When I grow up, that's what I want to be like"

taigathefox said...

Well, did you grow up to be like them? :)

Seriously, I recommend everyone who is even slightly interested in undestanding the essence of being Finnish should read the original books. It's (almost) all there.
Like the urge to go into hibernation for the cold and dark winter with their stomachs full of spruce needles. [I prefer Indian veggie food, though]

Sopwith-Camel said...

I've have tried my hardest, but I just can't seem to grow up, I'm stuck like this for ever.

I only recently learned that she was Finnish.

I would like to hibernate on chicken noodle soup with lots of japanese seaweed added to it.

Love Kpop said...

Winter has returned. I do not like because I can not stand the cold. But wearing loud clothes also quite interesting. I look like a cute bear