Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Came with the wind


At school I had a Math test, but I wondered if someone had noticed my new jeans.
Later I went riding with my friend and fell straight into the lake.
Afterwards we ate some fish and ice-cream.

Two weeks later I went to the hospital. I had got a terrible rash, but the doctors said I wasn't allergic to anything. There's no markings in my diary of Chernobyl. I was just a bit worried if he would saw the scratch marks on my neck. It was some hot and itchy spring.

Here's some quiet, beautiful photos taken by Finnish photographer Lasse Arkela.
Pripyat – Population Zero

(The page is unfortunately in Finnish. Choose lo-fi/ hi-fi to see the photos)


mimi buzzard said...

I followed your link and looked at the photos. I agree they are very beautiful and haunting. This is a very sad but important post.

taigathefox said...

The photos of the empty hospital beds with teddy-bears were my favourites, altough those made me feel extremely hopeless.

occasional poster of comments said...

Finally got around to looking at the link. Haunting is definitely the word.