Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Area of disorderly faulted terrain

Few weeks ago we rented a bigger basement for our stuff. I opened one random box and this is what I found:
  1. A cubicle black stone from either Prague, Budapest, Česky Krumlov or Gdańsk.
  2. My first (and obviously last) horse's hair.
  3. A shopping receipt from 1926. The bought item was a lilac. (I have a piece of that as well in my old plant collection.)
  4. Some unused jeans and corduroys from the 70's. (Designed for unusually tall twiggy person, which I am not. )
  5. Dave Grohl's plectra.

I have one flat, one basement and one house full of stuff, which is unimportant, but important.
I was just sitting in my huge old armchair next to my precious books and I was thinking of what would happen to me if I had to choose only one thing to take with me.

I tried to imagine myself into a pure white room with just one object.
I tried to achieve a moment of enlightenment and harmony, but I realized I am an embodiment of chaos.
If I some day will end up to be alone, I will most likely face my destiny by being buried under my belongings.

I have always thought that it is good to live with a person who is different from you.
Mr Fox is very tidy (although he forgets everything).
He cleans all up with a boarding school based pedantry and then he forgets where he did put all his (and my) stuff.
I can find things easily from the mess I have made, but not from the room someone has cleaned up. (Actually, don't get me wrong, because I do clean up very often, but I can't keep my stuff under control.)

But what would it be like if I lived with an another embodiment of chaos?
Would it be an unfathomable confusion or a neutralized harmony?


Interpreter Pavlov said...

Oh, an unfathomable harmony without any doubt. I'll come back on this one when I've thought it through, though. (Too many *oughs* in this sentence. Soughry.

occasional poster of comments said...

For me, living with the very embodiment of chaos (my ex-girlfriend) meant that I became the tidy one. I still never mastered being organised, though.

Mind you, I'm probably less an embodiment of chaos, than an embodiment of laziness and general incomprehension. Which does cause chaos, but is probably a different thing. So forget the above.

taigathefox said...

IP; I'm definitely going to think about unfathomable harmony with some doughnuts now.

OPC; I bet there isn't any general incomprehension even near you.

Dave said...

Oh dear. I'm neat and tidy, and I know where everything is (even every book on my bookcases, because they are filed logically).

Oh, I shouldn't be here, as I'm away and in a home where the internet doesn't seem to work properly. So I'm probably not typing this, and you aren't reading it.

It must be something you ate.

taigathefox said...

Actually my books are very logically filed too. Hmm. Can the embodiment of chaos have all the books in proper order?

[Oh my, here I am writing to my rhubarb crumble. I knew I shouldn't have eaten all those doughnuts.]

tiina said...

In ancient Greek mythology Chaos is that formless thing from which the cosmos (harmony, order )was created, wasn't it?

taigathefox said...

A-ha. I am the Chaos of Superlon![vanishes in the most megalomaniac way]