Monday, February 27, 2006

Superlon Mystery 8: Kimi Kimi Kimi the man of sunny midnight

Inspector Strahl and fisherman Laxi kept on following the formula one vechile.
They were not very keen on meeting any man-eating polar people after all.
Finally they saw a huge icewhite house covered with snow.
It was very cubical from outside and it was very quiet inside.

Kamikase MacRaeven: Hello. Do you want any bubblery drink?
Stejar Strahl: Thank you.
Kamikase MacRaeven: Beware the ice, man.
Stejar Strahl: Ice?
Kamikase MacRaeven: Trust no ladies with carrots.
They make you eat beetles poo, red snot and Sardin 'n butter.
That's what my furry kitty eats, not me.

Stejar Strahl: Oh, fine looking kitten you've got there, mr MacRaeven.

Kamikase MacRaeven: I'm at home on the dancing floor.
I'm the best knife on the parquet.
Do you want me to sing my song to you?

Stejar Strahl: That would be just lovely.
Kamikase MacRaeven: Strawberries are finding we, I wonder what's gonna happen.
Oh-ou, here it starts again.
Lady carries a log and walks me trough the fog.
She makes me feel the moment...

Eiseemi Laxi: Now stop the karaoke. Have you seen any lost turtles here?
Kamikase MacRaeven: How would I know? I'm not your mother.
Ask the boy of my pet shop.
To be continued...


Dave said...

So surreal.

The song reminded me of Abba again.

taigathefox said...

More surreal is the feeling when you actually have to listen the song "Strawberries are finding we.." about 49 times a day. Really.

And the Abba singalong was for you.

occasional poster of comments said...

I have absolutely no idea what this is all about.

But I'm liking it very much. Especially the "Walk properly, carry a pillow" sticker bit. That made me laugh out loud. Which doesn't happen often.

taigathefox said...

Well, thank you very much. If I had an idea what this is all about I might not be doing this at all.

But when I was a cute little girl I was dropped into the bowl which was filled with extract of Monty Python, Benny Hill, Ruby Ferguson and Enid Blyton. Then I was raised in a very cold forest. What can you do after that, I wonder.

occasional poster of comments said...

A potent brew indeed. So potent it seems to have made your kids intelligent and creative as well (I've read back to the beginning of the blog now). They seem to have wonderful, vivid imaginations.

I have no idea what my writings (not currently available for public consumption) are about either. It's way more fun not knowing what I'm going to write and just seeing what finds its way out of my head. I wouldn't know what was in there otherwise.

taigathefox said...

They must had it all in mother's milk and through the massive amounts of books I've read to them.

I told them what you said and here's the response:
A (3): Look, I've got no teeth.
J (5): Ta. I might be the Emperor of America.

They are quite modest as well.

occasional poster of comments said...

:) J as Emperor of America? Why not. I'd bet he's brighter than the current president. What a colourful world it would be!

taigathefox said...

You said what I didn't dare to :)

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

Wow, three years ago already...

Shame J didn't get elected, but at least the new one's an improvement :)

I miss Superlon...

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

And appear to have gained some capital letters.

Taiga the Fox said...

Oh hello, you're travelling backwards again? :) Is it three years already? Really? Must be, because I have no idea why shouldn't you trust the ladies with carrots.

Hmm... I should really do some more Superlon! I miss that too :)

[goes back boring to death at the office desk]

Taiga the Fox said...

Oh you really have gained some capital letters. They suit you :)