Sunday, February 05, 2006

The sons of the fox made no sense

It was over -20º C and we dag holes into the snow. The boys decided that one was a hole of two bears and the other was a pizza-oven. Afterwards I listened to them chatting in their room.

A (3 years) : I´m Matti Vanhanen. *
J (5 years) : You´re pressing fish-sausages.
A: I eat owl´s feathers.
J: Your mattress is a tart.
A: It´s not a tart, it is a swiss roll with a magnet.

A: They´re dropping letters and rubbery stickers from the theatre´s office.
J: The yodelers catch them with chocolate hats and skate away with car-saws to the mountains to meet the eels.
J: One skunk is stinky and Uncle Albes yodles and begins to like it.

A: The octopus lives in the swamps with bacteria.
J: Spider chopped pieces from the rock with his head and eats them.
A: And rest of it will be used to build a pyramid with a puppet-theatre.
J: The play shall be called The chocolate-glazed tin of pineapple.

A is no longer intrested and bangs swedish coins with a plastic hammer.

* The prime minister of Finland

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