Saturday, February 18, 2006

Mystery in the village of Superlon ( Part 1 )

Village fisher Eiseemi Laxi (formerly known as local robot)
and his friend, music teacher Hemmo Mikko were terrified.

Hemmo Mikko: "Oh my, I have lost my magical diamond ring! "
Eiseemi Laxi: "I just woke up with a fish in me head but my turtle's gone! "

Inspector Stejar Strahl held up the traffic.

Stejar Strahl: "This must be a giant robbery, in our beloved village.
Early in the morning I opened my fridge.

Instead of butter there were dentures of a shark.
This mystery must be solved! "

To be continued...

NB. All the fancy toys and characters are property of Johan and Anton, the Sons of the Fox.
Photo and translation by Taiga the Fox.


Dave said...

Having recently been playing my ABBA CD's, I love the occasional word appearing in translation which isn't quite what a native-speaker would say.

I read this with a Scandinavian accent, if that's OK with you.

taigathefox said...

That's OK with me. I'm definitely not a native speaker, actually never lived anywhere than in Finland.

So I hope someone will correct me if I write complete nonsense all the time :)

* taking the laika out for a walk and humming ABBA lyrics *

Mamma mia, here I go again