Sunday, February 19, 2006

Superlon mystery 2: Stik's sticky pony

Soon they all saw the farmer Simo Stik crying in his backyard.

Stejar Strahl: What's wrong, you fellow farmer?
Simo Stik: Somebody's smashed my prize-winning artichokes!
Eiseemi Laxi: Forget the stupid girasol, I want me turtle back.

Stejar Strahl: Have you seen anything suspicious around?
Simo Stik: I was combing my pony to be ready for Junior Handler and there was a sticker in her hoof.
Stejar Strahl: A sticker?
Simo Stik: Yes. There was a text in it: Walk properly, carry a pillow.

To be continued...


Dave said...

Lovely. There are a few idiosyncratic uses of English there, which I could point out, if you wanted me to, but I think they all add to the fun of it.

taigathefox said...

Ok, let's just live with the oddities then :)
More fun coming soon. Boys are having their winter holiday and there's plenty of time to play...