Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Superlon Mystery 6: Snoop, foggy frog!

There were no more signs of the green-faced man.
Inspector Strahl decided to visit his cousin, Milady Bleary, the world-famous crystal gazer.

Stejar Strahl: My dear Milady Bleary, it's a pleasure to meet again.
Could you help us to find some precious things we lost?

And one green man, please.
Milady Bleary: Zaba daba dab dub pingel pangel boo, puff!

(Milady Bleary said the magical words which changed her into a toad)

Milady Bleary: Wait... I see sticky hooves...
I see shiny pants...
I see one roasted kanga...
I see an Old Honitonian fancying Motörhead ... *
I see seafood...

Eiseemi Laxi: That's me turtle! Is he okay?
Milady Bleary: No, I see no turtles, I see Abba...
Eiseemi Laxi: Tuna?
Milady Bleary: No, I see herring and one redhead girl with a monkey. You must go to Sweden!

To be continued...

* This is for you, Mr. Foxy


patroclus said...

I have absolutely no idea what's going on here, but I'm really enjoying the pictures. And the titles.

And I'm a big fan of your fair city, and am planning to visit it again in September.

Helsinki, I mean. Not Superlon. Although I think I've been there too, back in my "narcotic experimentation" days.

taigathefox said...

How nice to hear, thanks. You're very welcome back to Helsinki and Superlon.

Here's a small summary:
Two not so well behaving kids and one slightly freaky mother, who likes toys more than her kids do. Addiction to word-twisting, especially in the language I can't speak properly. This psychedelic experience don't need narcotics, not even fags anymore (sigh), just maybe glass of red wine.