Sunday, February 12, 2006

Green Wing Relief

Hello, my name is Taiga the Fox and I might have a slightest obsession.

( just rehearsing for the anonymous GreenWingers meeting )

Thank you Cubehouselj for these

I'm too old for this and I should do something seriously adulty things and actually I've got loads to do, but still I am thinking of this minor thing I noticed:

In GW there is a character called Harriet Schulenburg and irl assistant to producer is Patrick Shulenburg . How do you spell Schulenburg?

Another secretary character is Kim Alabaster. Irl production accountant is Sarah Alabaster. AND the production manager is called Rachel Alabaster. Is she Naughty Rachel ( an another secretary in the series)?

I also noticed from IMDB that there are really actors called:
Boyce or Alan Boyce
Sue White
and Karen Ball

Can't be just coincidence?
Well, this made me happy and just don't know how sad is that :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the link :-)) Where did you find it?

taigathefox said...

Glad you liked it :)
I picked the link from GreenWing Livejournal, posted by Lj user Cubehouse.