Friday, February 10, 2006

Odd Champs vol 1. Annual Mobile-phone throwing

Well, the Olympics started today in Torino. I'm not particulary sporty at all and might not know anything about the winter sports.
But for honouring the Games, I'm trying to find out what slightly odd championships there are organized in Finland.

Some boring Facts:
If you already didn't know, NOKIA isn't just the world's biggest mobile-phone maker.
It's also a city in Finland and the roots of the famous phones ( and rubber boots ) lie on the Nokia River.

Already in 1981 NMT (Nordic Mobile Telephony System) was launched for the public in Finland and other Nordic countries. Even the text message was invented by a Finn.
More than 90 percent of the Finns owns a mobile phone, so maybe because already bored of them, we have invented this nice little summer game.

My boring opinion being bored of the phones:

I usually hate my phone. It never rings when wanted and when you want to sleep it wakes you up. Every time you really need your phone the batteries are empty. The phone is too easy to be eaten by a dog or a toddler.
Mr. Fox has dropped one in the swimming-pool. It didn't recover in the sauna. The new one was swimming in the pint of lager. So they are not waterproof, extreme heat-proof and they freeze in -25º degrees.
Besides any Crazy Frog ringtone is a good reason to throw your mobile away.

If you want to participate in the mobile hurling:

The annual Mobile-phone throwing competition gathers the worlds best mobile phone throwers every August to the small town called Savonlinna.

There are several categories:

1.Traditional: "over the shoulder" throw, just lenght of the throw matters

2. Freestyle: lenght, style, aesthetics and creative choreographics

3. Junior

2005 winner Mikko Lampi heaved a Siemens AG phone 94.97 meters (103.86 yards) and set a world record.
The prize for throwing his phone the farthest was a new phone. Blimey.


Mark2 said...

That's made for me :D

taigathefox said...

See you in Savonlinna then? Good luck :)