Friday, September 15, 2006

Steely Bar goes to Leningrad

Whilst taking a circuitous slide through the lilacs, there was just one question spinning inside Blue Pays d’Auge's dazzling mind.
How could the Vanished Flâneur disappear like an hairpin into the chignon?
"We are certainly living in topsy-turvy times", sighed he, before speaking to his portable cufflink: "Hark! Steely Bar, where are you?"
Steely Bar answered with a weak voice: "I’m right above you".

Blue Pays d’Auge shrugged his velvet covered shoulders in a questionable manner.
"What are you doing up there?", he shouted to his right hand, waving from the hot air balloon.
Then he saw her. He couldn't have forgotten that smile, glorious as a samovar, now shining close to Steely Bar.
"He’s going with me", announced the husky voice of Olga Sensuela.


taigathefox said...

Happy Birthday, Dave!

(This is also the sensual translator prize.)

Dave said...


I've never been to Russia, although St Petersberg is definitely on my list of places to see.

I had hoped to get a hot air baloon flight for my birthday a few years ago, but it never materialised.

So Hurrah! again.

mimi buzzard said...

Another good installment of Blue Pays d’Auge!