Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Saga Superlonica 2: Boot 99

Mr. Easy-Spider: Welcome. This is the Road to Futonia.
Stejar Strahl: Oh, hello. Have you got any maps?
Mr. Easy-Spider: What are you searching for?
A three legged table? A pair of Bambidate sandals? The wisdom how to pack twelve eggs aesthetically in the handbag? An onion? A forlorn sanguinity?

Stejar Strahl: Probably squash. Or the one who searches for the fisher's father.
Eiseemi Laxi: It's me, the fisher robot. I ate my turtle, which was lost and then found.
Ella Salmon: And I am the fisher's father's wife. And he's lost too.
Mr. Easy-Spider: Who is?
Stejar Strahl: The fisher's father who is searched by the one we don't know, but supposedly should search for.

Mr. Easy-Spider: So what exactly are you looking for?
Eiseemi Laxi: We don't know.
Mr. Easy-Spider: Oh my Cod, a tricky one. Then it'll be the Teflon Alley. There.
Ella Salmon: It looks like vulnerable and bumpy and filled with blue brute creations.
Mr. Easy-Spider: No, they just the local hikers, Ronnie Slide and Brainman. I assure you the road is silent as a feltboot factory.
Have a nice digression. Remember not to feed any animals.


Dave said...

Ooooh. That picture is seriously scary.

occasional poster of comments said...

>>Silent as a feltboot factory<<

You come up with some great expressions. Lovely Superlon, as ever.

Dave said...

Yes, I nearly commented about that phrase too. I'll probably pinch it when I get around to writing my next book.

taigathefox said...

Dave, how exactly is the picture scary? You should have seen the spiders under the hostas...

Oh, and thanks for the compliments OPC2 and Dave. Unfortunately I have to admit, as I have other Finnish readers, I cannot claim the expression to be mine. It's an ancient Finnish saying and my favourite. Today the Finnish saying would probably be: As loud as the ringtone factory.

Dave said...

Scary: all the blue aliens, lurking.