Monday, September 04, 2006

Saga Superlonica 1: Bambigate scandal

And Eiseemi answered.
Eiseemi Laxi: I thought it was a Granny's Curdle Pie. Oh that little skeleton...
Stejar Strahl: Yes, it was like a hurdle in the wind.

Deer Troat: The conundrum unanswered will let you debate whilst bannered.
Eiseemi Laxi: Pricket!
Deer Troat: Huzzah! I didn't ask the question yet. Concentrate or get the gate.
What is it? It is loud and tall, coloured like the sky and shouts: "Squash is the mother of celluloidica!"
Eiseemi Laxi: It must be a...
Stejar Strahl: No! Don't answer! I know it. It is "Deep Blue Sea".
Eiseemi Laxi: What?
Deer Troat: The Wrong answer. The right answer is searching for the fisher's father.
Focus and pocus, the oculi opens!


occasional poster of comments said...

And so it begins again. Excellent!

[Wanders off for a few moments]

So that's what a pricket and a troat are. Well, I never knew that.

Dave said...


As incomprehensible (yet verging on the very edge of sense) as ever.

taigathefox said...

Ah, the loyal fans of the Superlon, thank you for your words :)