Sunday, September 17, 2006

Fox hiking

Taiga Fox looks at the white sails in the wind, migrating birds, waves hitting on the red striped rocks.
Her cubs are jumping on the rocks, shouting gleefully, searching for something worthy to show.
She hears crickets on the hay, gentle humming of the junipers and a splash.

The smaller cub sits on the big rock, eating sandwiches, dressed on his mother's socks. The older cub flies a kite.
Taiga Fox sees a pebble path, blue water of the sea, red water on the rocks and a kite tangled on the pine.

Both of the cubs sit on the big rock. Mr Fox is on the top of the pine. A family, dressed in their best outdoor outfits take photos of each other towards the sun.

The family member: [whispers] Is there a man on the pine?
The other family member: [whispers] Oh. What is he doing?
Mr Fox: [loudly] I forgot to take my knife with me!
T Fox: Come down! It's only a kite!
Mr Fox: Take my knife up here!
T Fox: In your dreams. It's only a kite!
Mr Fox: Well, ask that man to help then.
The family member comes for help. He jumps up and down, but can't reach the thread he's supposed to cut.
The other family member: Why don't you both climb up there, so we can leave you there.
T Fox thinks of the fine idea, just a second before the thread is cut.

The Fox family climbs up the highest hill and comes down.
They walk further. The older cub decides to swim on the sea, too. They have no dry clothes left, so they just walk on, until the cubs wants to drink.
T Fox tries to find the older cub's bag. There is no such thing anymore. She walks to find it and finally finds out it's left on top of the hill. It's in the middle of a bronze-age grave. She sits down and sees how the sun plays on the silent sea.


Dave said...

What an interesting day. Made more interesting, of course, by your mention of the word cricket.

Oh, and why have you changed into a set of red furniture?

mimi buzzard said...

Sounds like a lovely day.
I also second Dave's question, why red furniture?

taigathefox said...

Er. I just thought it would be a welcomed change to look at the beautiful set of Arne Jacobsen miniature Swans instead of my not so beautiful nostrils.

Dave said...

But the hints of your face were beautiful.

mimi buzzard said...

Yes they were.
Arne Jacobson furniture is wonderful though.

taigathefox said...

Oh dear, thank you, says the blushing fox.