Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Saga Superlonica 3: The Purse of the Black Earl

Futonia was softer than a mashed potato in the sun. Ella Salmon didn't feel well. She just wanted to sleep like a tired woman.
Eiseemi Laxi: Mother, you need a hot cup of earl grey.
Ella Salmon: Oh yes, my minor macushla, there's a tea salong. Look, it says "The Black Earl" on the door.

And so they entered the felted room.
Stejar Strahl: Two teas and a cabbage soda, please.
Black Earl: We have only pumpkins and bananas, monkey eyes and ananas.
The turtle: You should try the coconut.
The other turtle: Although a man whom life intoxicates, who has no need of dine, shall have the haberdasher's hazelnut.
The third turtle: But...
The turtle: Just shut up.
The other turtle: If you find that hazelnut, your life will be like a shell.
The third turtle: That didn't rhyme.
The turtle: Oh whine whine whine.
The other turtle: If you will find the dad, find the nut, and run fast. But don't feed the animals.
Stejar Strahl: You're the second one who says that.
The other turtle: I'm not named The other turtle by accident.

Black Earl: Now snug in your bed, there will be no marks left in your head.
Stejar Strahl: What marks?
Black Earl: It will hurt you like a gooseberry does to the yoghurt.
Stejar Strahl: What does the gooseberry do to yoghurt?
Black Earl: Well, don't ask me. I'm not a berry.

Yogi Ghurt: But you can always ask me before you sleep.
Stejar Strahl: Ask you what?
Yogi Ghurt: Like what is the colour of the Black Earl's purse?
Stejar Strahl: Black?
Yogi Ghurt: No, you ask me.
Stejar Strahl: Like what is the odour of the Jack Pearl's nurse?
Yogi Ghurt: No.
Stejar Strahl: Wrong answer.
Yogi Ghurt: No. You are supposed to ask me, not to answer me. Like who is twenty-eight today?
Stejar Strahl: Oh, Happy Birthday.
Yogi Ghurt: No, I'm not...
But Stejar Strahl was already asleep.


Dave said...


occasional poster of comments said...

[Sighs] I'm sure I'm not old enough to be 28. But it seems to have happened nonetheless.

Oh well. At least there was a Superlon to read :) They always brighten my day. Not that it was a bad day. Apart from the turning 28 thing.

Eiseemi Laxi said...

So it was your birthday? Are you sure it wasn't the oven-cleaning gas brightening up your day?

yogi ghurt said...

Ask him was the cake any good?

stejar strahl said...

zzzzzzzzz z


ella salmon said...

Did you have a good cake?