Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Fox Family Holiday - Chapter 3, where T. Fox wants to be alone, but turns to be the very avatar of pandemonium

T.Fox wants to be alone. She wants to drink at least one decent cup of coffee.
She wants to look at the Murano styled glasses in the museum shop.
She wants to stay a little bit longer staring at the wall.
The cubs want to have fun.
Mr Fox thinks the wall-staring means T. Fox is either mad or angry or both.

The Fox family tries to visit the antique shop, but the cubcuriousity tries to kill the owner.
They go out.
T. Fox: I'm going back now.
Mr Fox: No you won't.
T. Fox: Yes I will.
Mr Fox and the cubs go on walking.
T. Fox: I'm going.
T. Fox [loudly]: Why can't I have just five minutes of my own? I just want to buy a nice postcard!
One! Postcard! Five! Minutes!

Mr Fox: You've got your five minutes. [sits down and starts staring at the clock]

T. Fox can't find the street where they were, because she was concentrating on her rant.
She finds the shop, but there are too many postcards. The owner looks at her suspiciously. All the postcards are used, except one.
T Fox buys the one and runs. She comes back after 4 and a half minutes. She spends another five minutes sitting on the bench, while the rest of the family eats some snacks.
T. Fox looks at the thing she bought. It isn't actually a writable postcard. Its an old stereoscope card from France, probably.

T. Fox wants to buy stamps.
The line to the desk is impressive. The cubs look at the comics, Mr Fox looks at the maps.
Finally T. Fox can give her postcards to the woman behind the desk. She counts the cards: 11 to Finland, 1 to France, 1 to Slovenia and 2 to England.

Ms Post: What is this? [points the card's text "United Kingdom"]
T. Fox: It says United Kingdom.
Ms Post: Yes, I can read, but what is it?
T. Fox: Well, it's England.
Ms Post: Why didn't you write England then?
T. Fox: Erm...
Ms Post: Why did you write England on the another card?
T. Fox: I didn't, he did [points at Mr Fox]. He likes to write England, I like to write United Kingdom.
Ms Post: So, two to England then.
T. Fox: Yes. No. Can I have one more? [remembers the stereoscope card] and an envelope please.
Ms Post:Would that be to United Kingdom too?
T. Fox: Yes, please.
Ms Post: So three to England.
Ms Post gives T. Fox two different kind of stamps for Finland's postcards and single stamps to elsewhere.
Ms Post takes everything back.
Ms Post gives T. Fox single stamps to Finland and two different kind of stamps to elsewhere.
T. Fox pays and goes away. The cubs can't wait anymore. T. Fox tries to hurry up.
T. Fox operates with the pile of stamps and puts the postcards into the box.

The Fox family goes to the beach. It's almost empty. She feels lonely. The sand is wet and light camel brown. The cubs dig it. It's black underneath.
T. Fox notices she has got three stamps still with her.


occasional poster of comments said...

I've said it already, but great to have you back :) I love the way you write about stuff like this. And whatever thank you I wrote for the postcard, double it.

Oh, I forgot to say at the time, but I did notice the Moongazer link. Don't worry, I like it :)

taigathefox said...

Couldn't afford a proper viewer

occasional poster of comments said...

Thanks for the link :) I found I could make it 3D using only the power of my mind.*

*Oh, ok, I used the Magic Eye technique on it. But it works. At the right distance. And at the wrong distance too. But only if you don't mind your eyes watering and the muscles going into spasms.

Dave said...

MY postcard hasan't arrived yet.

Probably it hasn't got a stamp on it.

taigathefox said...

Oh no, Dave, I'm so sorry. But guess what. No-one else than the lucky fella over there has got a postcard. No-one. Not even my Mum and she's bit upset.

And I spent fortunes for (well not fortunes, but that much I could have bought the Murano styled glasses) buying the cards and the stamps. Never trust Ms Post, I say. She should have given me the stamps she was going to in the first place. I didn't do anything wrong.

No, no, it was that other fox. I blame her.