Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Fox Family Holiday - Chapter 2, where The Fox Family arrives to Kuressaare and T. Fox turns to be a mother

Taiga Fox is speechless.
She has heard of this island, but she didn't believe.
Now she is amongst them, who can smile knowingly to the others.
She walks through the old pebble paths and smells the history.
She looks at the vanishing painting of the houses, limestone chambers of the castle, old trees waving up in the sky, fossils on the beach.
It is The Kuressaare Chamber Music Days, but the streets are fairly empty.
The island was opened just about 15 years ago*, she thinks. Why didn't she come earlier? Well, at least she was here before the old Mac Donald.

The cubs: We want hamburgers!

T Fox finds the burgers, walks slower, visits the toy shop, buys some Fanta, looks at the ants on the pavement, picks up the dropped hat, takes the cubs to the toilet, cleans up their ice-creamy faces, buys a new pair of sandals, takes the cubs to the park, listens to them fighting, finds them something to eat, washes the muddy trousers, picks up the horribly noisy toy, gives a shoulder for the wounded, climbs up to the castles roof, watches out the little ones won't drop down,
has an exhausting pedalboat trip on the moat, calms the cubs by saying there really aren't any dead warriors at the bottom, wonders if that's why the water is so green,
walks faster than she really could, takes the cubs to the toilet, finds something to eat, goes to the suburban supermarket, tries to find snacks for the evening and cheese for the sandwiches, picks up the dropped items, says the cubs they
can't shout so loudly, cleans up the bubble gum from the t-shirt, stays still when the cubs want to see football-playing, listens to an argument, explains what happens in the cartoon, tries to find the missing clean sock, combs the hair, brushes the teeth, says there aren't any giant spiders under the bed.

She stays awake and listens to the joyful noises coming from the streets, thinks about the things she should do, watches how somebody's running in Göteborg and how Britney Spears sings in a road movie. She thinks about the giant spiders under the bed and hears how the music gets bit louder somewhere.

* During the Soviet era the island was closed to foreigners and even mainland Estonians needed an invitation to visit it.

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