Monday, August 28, 2006


There they all were, standing in the old house's garden.

Taiga Fox: So, there you are, my sweet Platycodon Fairy Snow, hiding behind the pimpinella rose. Oh go on, Iris setosa seedlings, go on and fill my acres with your magnificent vibrant blue...

Mr Fox: Why did you plant that horrible twig in the middle of my beautifully squared green!

The Fox Cubs: Let's go and sow some sand seeds with waterculate mixture inside the mother's shoe!

Granny Fox: Let's just sell the hideous house. Too much trouble.

The Ghost of the Great Grandma Fox: I wonder if 30 bushes of blackcurrant was enough?

Mr. Always-willing-to-know (aka the neighbour): Why aren't there any Fieldfares in your garden? I have covered my bushes with nets and still there aren't any berries left?

Taiga Fox: Dammit! We've made 100 bottles of juice concentrate already. Why don't the birds eat the berries?

Dr. Whim Natural: Surprise! Look what I managed to grow through the garage floor!


Dave said...

Ah, Mother Nature. Isn't she wonderful?

mimi buzzard said...


taigathefox said...

It might be cool if those were eatable (well, I'm not giving them a try), so it's more like damp, I suppose.