Thursday, August 24, 2006

Finland. Sold out.

Honouring the Night of the Arts , my current blogpost shows you some Finnish textile design I absolutely adore.

Ivana Helsinki. The clothes are filled with positive melancholy. Described as Slavic-Scandinavian style with slowdesign identity. I love their Dead Butterflies and Loghouse Lover - collections, but check out the camp Camping spirit, too.

Marianne Valola.
A purse from the glorious Women's Day- collection ("Naisten päivä"). I'd just love to bake some bun dressed in her churchboat-patterned outfit.

Oh, the name of this post. What an earth they sell in this Small Shop?


mimi buzzard said...

Thanks for this post Taiga. I've never come seen the designs of Ivana Helsinki before and they are so so beautiful! I want some of those clothes now!

Dave said...

'bake some bun': is that a euphamism? From which the phrase 'bun in the oven' arises?

Oh, and have you enough spare rooms to put up the team when we come over for the winter cricket?

taigathefox said...

Mimi, those are gorgeous designs indeed.
I think there are at least 3 retailers in UK, well, they were listed somewhere on the site.

Dave, erm, I didn't actually mean that. Actually it says on the site: "Women's day is a collection that challenges the ugly and treats it instead as beauty. Let's defeat trashy talk by wearing it out."
Oh, and we've got a three bedroom tent. A bit cold though. And no bunbaking included.

Anonymous said...

The Small Shop sells Finnish consumer items, the kind Finns take for granted or don't even notice. Most prominently plastic bags from various shops and supermarkets. Don't ask me why, but the Japanese seem to absolutely love these Finnish items.

taigathefox said...

Ebay, here I come!