Monday, August 14, 2006

The Fox Family Holiday - Chapter 1, where the Fox family leaves and T. Fox turns to be a natural born navigator

Sunday 6.8.2006

1.30 am. Taiga Fox packs everything.
2.30 am. Taiga Fox goes to sleep.
2.45 am. Taiga Fox wakes up, because she forgot to pack the passports.
3.00 am. Taiga Fox goes to sleep, because she actually didn't forget to pack the passports.
6.00 am. The alarm wakes the Fox family up.
7.00 am. The Fox family sits in the car.

7.30 am. West Harbour, Helsinki
Mr Fox: It says clearly on these ferry tickets: "You must arrive one hour before the ferry leaves". Why are they still waiting for the passengers of the 8.00 ferry?
T Fox: Because our ferry leaves at 9.00 am.
Mr Fox sulks.

8.00 am. A woman: Tickets, please.
Mr Fox gives her the tickets.
A man: Passports, please.
Mr Fox gives him four passports.
The man: Car Registration documents, please.
Taiga Fox remembers this is the thing she didn't check out. She searches, but there are no such documents.
8.10 am. Taiga Fox finds the documents.
Mr Fox gives the papers to the man, who looks like he'd like to have another job.

8.11 am. Mr Fox drives towards the sea.
Taiga Fox: Stop! I think we'll have to stop here.
Mr Fox: But the woman clearly said: "Follow the path 2." This is it.
Taiga Fox: But can't you see the stop sign?
Mr Fox: Yes. I do see it, but we'll have to go to the ferry.
Taiga Fox: There is no ferry here yet.
Mr Fox: There is one.
Taiga Fox: It's quite big.
Mr Fox: It has to be.
Taiga Fox: I think it's located on the another side of the canal.
Mr Fox: Oh, it's one of those American cruisers.
The Fox family sits in the car.

8.45 am the AutoExpress comes.
Taiga Fox: Why did we have to be the first ones?
Some man gives the Fox family some hand signals.
Taiga Fox: What is he trying to say?
I think he wants us to drive somewhere.
Mr Fox drives towards the ferry.
Taiga Fox: I think that man wanted to see the tickets.
Mr Fox drives back.

9.00 am. The ferry leaves.
10.40 am. The Fox family arrives to Tallinn, Estonia.

10.41 am. Taiga Fox: Why did we have to be the first ones?
10.45 am. The Fox family is lost somewhere around the harbour's parking place.
10.48 am. Taiga Fox: Follow that car.
The car apparently goes to the right direction.
Taiga Fox tries to find out what road they are actually driving, finds the right map and sees they somehow have managed to drive through the Estonian capital.

14.00 pm Taiga Fox: What happened? How are we already here? We didn't get lost? Should we stop here? This village is called Kaali. (Editor's note: Kaali is a cabbage in Finnish).
There are no visible vegetables, but a shiny, odd thing standing on the field.
(Editor's note: This is the place, where the photo should be. The Blogger won't let the Fox add the photo. Close your eyes and imagine a photo of a shiny thing on the field.)
The Fox family finds a meteorite lake.


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