Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wet Dog Wine, anyone?

T Fox: Why is it always so that I have an idea and if I don't write it down as soon as I can, it disappears somewhere?
Mr Fox: Write up, not down, you're speaking Finglish.

Yep, why is it so? Why do you write something down and we write it up?

Actually that wasn't the topic for this post, but as I said it disappeared, almost like my entire day, which I spent by cleaning up, really properly. Whilst doing it I drank some wine, which was nice, but eventually I got so tipsy I messed everything up and missed the only fantastic happening this week, because I had to take a nap. Buggeringly enough I even got a ticket for this: Drawing Restraint 9. Well, I missed the Turing Machine Opera as well, but never mind, I've got tickets to Horton for tomorrow. Yay!

Actually now when I am here I might ask you a question as well. It troubled me when I was drinking that wine, which was something flowery Riesling from Alsace area: smooth, mellow and pleasantly round. What is the term for that wine character, the feeling when you have swallowed the wine and your mouth is filled with almost an oily or buttery aftertaste? No, not a taste, but a feeling. Anyone?

I tried to find it out, but found this clever wine aroma wheel instead.

Hmm.... I don't know how to use that exactly. Well, you could always play some kind of wheel of fortune game with that thing. After spinning the wheel you have to drink that kind of wine. Glass of skunk wine, here you are. Mmmm...


Anonymous said...

Darling, is the feeling called drunkenness?

You can write up in English too, but it means to write something more fully. So you can write up notes, say, and make them into something more substantial. But what a shame we can't clean down or mess down.

Isn't there an up-drinking expression in Finnish? I turned up at a pal's house in Helsinki one time and her boyfriend explained that they had stonking hangovers from up-drinking the night before, which I took to mean something along the lines of getting into the mood and egging each other on to drink more and more.

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

Is it viscosity, maybe?

That sounds a dangerous game - you could end up licking oxidised petroleum off a skunk... even before you got drunk.

Taiga the Fox said...

BiB, darling, no :)
Hmmm... up-drinking... I don't know really, but sounds like they have been drinking few days in a row and having some nostattavat (morning beers) in order to get drunk again. I sip Cremant de Bourgogne bubbly these days, so I have really no idea

OPC, petroleum!!! That's it! I think.

Dave said...

I am tee-total, so I have no knowledge of that about which you write.

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