Thursday, March 20, 2008

T Fox unintentionally seems to collect... ( Part 1)

... old tin boxes.

I thought it would be nice to wish you all Sunny Easter by adding a photo of one old tin box decorated with Easter Bunnies.

Easter Bunnies
Originally uploaded by Taiga the Fox.

There was one with daffodils as well.

Box of Daffodils
Originally uploaded by Taiga the Fox.

Also one bright yellow with roosters...

Originally uploaded by Taiga the Fox.

Hmm, I seem to have collected quite many old tin boxes.
Actually, I haven't collected them, they just somehow stuck with me and have decided to stay with me [like all the excessive stuff around me. Sigh.].


Occasional Poster of Comments said...

Maybe they're attracted by rhyme?

Erm, that probably doesn't explain your other collections, though, does it? Unless you have a lot of clocks.

Or rocks.


Er, anyway, I can see why you hung on to them, though; especially that 'Old tin box' - really lovely pattern and colours.

Taiga the Fox said...

Oh, I see...
I've got quite many socks. Mostly black and 1½ pair of red Marimekko ones, so there's nothing much to blog about.
I've got rocks. I have definitely got rocks. Lots.
I've got quite many clocks too. Very big and noisy ones.
Locks I don't have particularly many, but I've got lots of other stuff to.. well, blog about later, I guess.

Christopher Campbell-Howes said...

I wonder if your thinking is lateral enough? Could it be that these boxes have collected you, and that they spend their days competing for your attention? They may even blog about it, vying for the number of comments they attract from you.

Your socks may live in another world, too. Probably a legendary one.

Dave said...

'Sunny Easter'? Ha! Snow here. It's quite Finnish.

I blame global warming.

Marsha said...

Did the rooster tin used to hold sweets? I recognise the Fazer logo (I think!)

Happy memories of coffee and ice-cream in Fazer in Helsinki (and eggshells filled with chocolate - or have I made that up?)

I love old tin boxes.

Marsha said...

I've just clicked on your last link and seen that the rooster tin and some of the others are by Fazer!

I once bought a tin of biscuits i didn't want just because I liked the tin.

kissa said...

I keep my tea bags in a very old tatty tin that I brought home from a visit to Brittany. It had biscuits in but once they were consumed I just had to keep the tin as it is so very pretty and has its own special memory.

Taiga the Fox said...

Christopher, you might be right... well, at least my socks definitely live their own life. Sometimes they even go travelling without me and disappear forever.

Dave, we had a sunny Easter, but yesterday we got 30 cm of snow and it seems to be winter finally. Great. [sigh]

Marsha, it is a Fazer tin indeed and I suppose it has had sweets in it, but it's much older than I am, so I can't be sure.
Ooh, eggshells filled with chocolate are Mignon Eggs, the most heavenly chocolate treat there is in this world.

Kissa, I know exactly how you mean...

miss-cellany said...

How nice to know that someone else has been collected by many tin boxes. Mine seem to have run away from shelves and multiplied - perhaps they'll come and say hello out here when Mr Internet-line comes back to live with me tomorrow (apparently).