Sunday, March 16, 2008

Herman Hesse's grandfather rests here

... The cow with the crown and other snapshots from the past Estonian excursions uploaded on my Flickr home.

The cow with the crown
Originally uploaded by Taiga the Fox.


pleite said...

More lovely photos. And lovely light. Have you been to Lithuania yet? I want to move to the Baltic States today. Two days a week in Estonia. Two in Latvia. Two in Lithuania. And one in the Kaliningradskaja Oblast'.

...anyway, know any more about your Berlin dates yet?

Dave said...


Occasional Poster of Comments said...

Brilliant - I hadn't noticed you'd put that Garfield Minus Garfield blog on your blogroll :) It's genius! I'd seen the idea done somewhere before, but didn't know there was a blog. Thanks :)

Great photos, too :)

Marsha said...

Gorgeous photos, Taiga. I especially liked the one of the cubs sitting on the statues.
We had hoped to visit Estonia when we were in Helsinki two years ago, but the children didn't have photo ID and so we couldn't go. Next time, maybe?

Suddenly, I really miss our camera.

Taiga the Fox said...

BiB, I haven't been to Lithuania unfortunately. We were supposed to visit the Curonian Spit, but never got there.
But I am soon going to be in Berlin. Yay!

Dave, I'm sorry, but I didn't ask the kangaroos if they were native Estonians.

OPC, it's great indeed!

Marsha, maybe you'll visit Finland again (and have some time for the ferry ride as well)?
Buggering thieves! Any news yet about fingerprints or something?

Marsha said...

No news about fingerprints from the police and, more importantly, no word from the insurers about a replacement camera.

We will definitely visit Finland again though and go to Estonia too!