Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hopefully the frames aren't from Ikea

Few weeks ago I was asking on Facebook: "Denmark or Croatia?" Nobody answered and I decided Denmark it will be then. Actually I didn't, but the boys want to see Legoland and I think seeing Fyn and West-Jutland wouldn't harm me either. I have no idea where is Köge, which would probably make all Danish people very annoyed. Well, at least Ikea made them annoyed, naming their doormats after Danish villages and cities. Some Danes claimed that the Swedish names are reserved for the better products and that even Norwegian names can be found at least from the bed department, but the lesser products bear Danish names. "The stuff that goes on the floor is about as low as it gets."

Oh really?

a) Viren
b) Virén

Well, he won the four Olympic gold medals the year when I was born and it is quite a long time ago...
That wasn't really the reason why I started Pilates again this week, but I think this would suit me better or what do you think?

ILLOIHA fitness club


Occasional Poster of Comments said...

The Frames aren't from IKEA they're from Ireland* :)

Oh, and that definitely looks more fun than pilates (exercise that looks like fun: what's wrong with me?). Shame it's in Japan; might up the gym fees a little...

*the comment in the video about them not being from London was because, at the time, The Paradiso held regular nights called London Calling featuring British bands. I went to one, once: none of the bands were from London then, either.

joliya joni said...

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