Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Finglish for Nyypiös

Pirskatti, uus heerkatti!

The sentence above, written in somewhat old Finglish, means something like: Crickey, a new haircut! Old Finglish originated amongst the first and second generation Finnish immigrants in USA and Canada, but today's Finnish is more or less filled with these words of New Finglish. Although it is suggested that Finnish is particularly tricky language to learn, it might be now easier for you native English speakers. I leave you to speculate it with this homework. Kamoon, fill in the missing translations, it is completely iisii.

nyypiö = a newbie
tsekata = to check (out)*
staili = a style*
streitti = straight / heterosexual*
biitsi = a beach **
giiggi = a ?
kreisi = crazy*
steissi = a ?
räppi = a rap**
vörkkiä = to work (out)*
klikata = to click *
hevijuuseri = a heavy-user *
hengata = to hang out ***
seivata = to save *

Foxvision Translation Contest official glory points:
* 12 Points to BiB
** 10 Points to Anonymous
*** 8 points to Marsha Klein


BiB said...

Darling, Finglish. What heaven! Although I now have an (almost) insatiable urge for fishfingers. Anyway, this translation is much more fun that the paid one I should currently be doing and which I am ignoring resolutely. So...

nyypiö = a newbie
tsekata = to check?
staili = a style?
streitti = heterosexual?
biitsi = a bitch?
giiggi = a gig?
kreisi = barking?
steissi = a ??
räppi = a ??
vörkkiä = to work?
klikata = to click?
hevijuuseri = a heavy-user?
hengata = to ??
seivata = to save?

And is to e-mail in Finnish mailata?

Taiga the Fox said...

BiB darling, I knew you'd be excellent in this. Unfortunately I can't pay you, but you can have the shiniest glory there is in the whole fox earth. Here you are: ☼. Well done.

You got these right:
tsekata = to check (out)
staili = a style
streitti = heterosexual / straight
vörkkiä = to work
klikata = to click
hevijuuseri = a heavy-user
seivata = to save

Biitsi isn't a bitch, which is actually bitsi.

And you're right, to e-mail is mailata or meilata.

Dave beta said...

I'm no good at languages, and anyway BiB got all the easy ones. I do know that Steissi is the name of a doll that Lisa collects on the Simpsons.

Anonymous said...

Biitsi is a beach, kreisi is crazy and räppi is rap?

Dave beta said...

Is kreisi a type of frog?

Marsha Klein said...

"Hengata" To hang out?

Taiga the Fox said...

Oops, I got a rather useful tip from a friend and it seems like I have misunderstood your barking, BiB. Apologies, you were right. As well as you, anonymous. Kreisi is crazy indeed. Anonymous, well done, you guessed the rap and a beach too :)

Marsha Klein, welcome! I used to read your blog, until it vanished and I didn't even get to say hello, which is a shame. And hengata really means to hang out. Brilliant!

Beta-Dave. Your guesses are so superiously original, I will give you some special mentioning. Here you are: some special mentioning.

Dave said...

Thank you. I'm visiting Europe next week, so I'm sure the language tips will come in handy.

Taiga the Fox said...

You're visiting Europe? I sort of thought Norfolk was in Europe?

Dave said...

I explained that yesterday. Don't you read my blog anymore?

mimi buzzard said...

This is great! I shall use it next time i am in Finland...perhaps not.

Sopwith-Camel said...

Heyii, issa donner, intii?

Taiga the Fox said...

Dave, I'm sorry. I do read your blog indeed, but I'm too continentally stubborn to believe anything.

Mimi, you should especially say something nice to that geek on the station.

S-C, are you talking Fingrish?

BiB said...

Geek and station? Interesting that the k has changed to g. And I think staatio would've been romanticker than steissi, but who are we to challenge slang and its development? Do I win an all-expenses-paid, 5-year trip to Finland?

Taiga the Fox said...

Yes. No.