Wednesday, January 10, 2007

more monotonous piffle

I could tell you which fantastic five movies I've seen during the previous week, but I'm too lazy and worn-out to do so.
Instead of it, I will ask you what do they down there have in common?

George Gaynes
David Lynch
Jessica Lange
Pamela Anderson
Matt Damon


Dave said...

Five films in one week? How do you get all your housework done?

I know nothing about the cult of the celebrity; indeed, I only recognise two of the names on your list, so I am unable to participate in this game.

Dave said...

Or were they films about the Fantastic Five?

Anonymous said...

Are they actors in those films you watched?

Taiga the Fox said...

Dave, I've got a maid.

No, I haven't.
I've got Mr Fox. He is very good at those nasty housework thingys, whilst I am watching films and eating grapefruits.

Also, they are not Julian, Dick, Anne, George or Timmy.

Nor are they actors of Pan's Labyrinth, Little Miss Sunshine, 3 Iron, Scoop or The Station Agent.

Annie said...

They are all only children? They were all born with vestigial tales? Um... or could it be that everyone thinks they're American but in fact they're Canadian?

Taiga the Fox said...

Annie, close enough. In fact, if you ever come to Finland and answer "Canada" to any question asked, every Finn will love you. I'm too worn-out to tell why, but you can trust me.

But anyway,
all the famous five think they are American but in fact they are almost Finnish, because every one of them has Finnish grandparent(s).

Well, there it was. Boring babble, like I said.

BiB said...

Damn, I actually knew that Matt Damon was of Finnish origin. But I only knew two-and-a-half of the others and was too dim to think of anything vaguely lateral.

Annie said...

Intriguing! BiB has hob-nobbed with Mr Damon, you know. (And that should be vestigial tails - though vestigial tales sound kind of interesting too.)

Taiga the Fox said...

BiB, now I must know which two-and-a-half? Pamela and David Lynch's head?
Also, you have hobnobbed with Matt Damon?

Annie, vestigial tales is pretty much the essence of this blog.

BiB said...

Oh yes, we're almost best friends. Well, OK, I once taught him Russian for a couple of hours, or, rather, trained him to say his Russian lines. He was a diamond geezer, actually, and there was one point when it was just me and him in the corridor as he had a fag. I was too nervous to co-smoke. I thought he was probably going to say, "BiB, I must HAVE you. Let's run away from all this and go and live on old grandpappy's farm on a lake in Finland," but he didn't, and finished his cigarette and we went back in and finished the work. He did say I was a prince when I left, though, which I think was probably code for, "BiB, I must HAVE you. Let's run away from all this and go and live on old grandpappy's farm on a lake in Finland".

So, I knew him, Pammy and Davey-Wavey and half-knew Jessica Lange. George Gaynes remains a known unknown.

Taiga the Fox said...

BiB, if he some day calls you and says "BiB, I must HAVE you. Let's run away from all this and go and live on old grandpappy's farm on a lake in Finland", let me know, because I want to visit you.
But if you have a call and a voice says "BiB, I must HAVE you. Let's run away from all this and go and live on Cmndt. Eric Lassard's grandpappy's police academy on a lake in Finland", that was a call from George Gaynes.

Bowleserised said...

Totally off topic, but I just discovered your wonderful photos! They remind me of the photos that the 4AD band Belly used in their artwork, but yours are much better (I'm being honest, not sycophantic there).

Oh, and I wanted to be a show jumper too. I'm sort of writing a book about that...

Taiga the Fox said...

Well, B, thank you so much! Also it's nice to see you here visiting the Fox earth.
If my computer wouldn't have had horrible hick-ups today, I would have been visiting the Long Hair Community by now, but hopefully tomorrow...

Oh, a book! Let me know when it's finished.