Sunday, January 07, 2007

Five things I've heard

Today is the official ending of the Christmas season, so we threw the tree from the window and ate the delicious ginger bread house after dusting it. What then? A perfect time for doing Annie's Twisted Meme.

Five things somebody's said to me or about me:

1. You could be a model if you hadn't that ass.
A stranger on the street when I was 18.

2. Have you been part of the DDR shot put team?
A man after two years of dating.

3. I think I haven't told you, but you've got a brother.
Dad, when I was 19.

4. Look, Mum, is that Santa?
A small girl when I was 15 and wearing a trendy pink, furry coat.

5. You have such a voice it makes me sleep. Are you a news reader?
A stranger on the train when I was around 25.


BiB said...

In Savonlinna, a Finn (not surprisingly) said to me, "Are you English?" "Yes," I answered. "How did you know?" "Because you have a big, fat, red face," he answered, politely.

Fathers are always forgetting their other children.

Taiga the Fox said...

Oh we cultured Finns!

BiB said...

Between you and me, he'd had a drink. Actually, I blogged the incident somewhere. He was nice and friendly actually, and I DID have a big, fat, red face - it was summer - so he wasn't EVEN lying.

I'd so love to be in Finland. Must try to make it there again before the next millennium (and in summer).

Taiga the Fox said...

Oh, we honest Finns!

And please do come back here, before the next millenium. That'd be lovely.

BiB said...

My apologies for all the actuallies last time. I am illiterate. Actually.

Well, you've had quite a few blog vistors. Pats and James. And hasn't Dave now been, or was that purely virtual cricket? I hope I'll lengthen the list one day.

Taiga the Fox said...

In fact I'm a great fan of actuallies. Actually just P&J have visited me. Dave was here just virtually, or actually, that is what I have thought so far. Listlenghtening would be nice.

Annie said...

Yours beat mine, hands down.

Number 3 - !!! I love the 'I think' in 'I think I haven't told you...'

Dave said...

I'm sure you've had far more compliments that you're too modest to share with us.

Sadly I've only been to Finland in my mind, although it's also on my list of to-do places. Mind you, I could drive there now.

Taiga the Fox said...

Annie, I didn't mean to have a competition, but I think it's easier to get such compliments here in Finland, where it is apparently quite normal to say things as they appear in your mind. Some call it honesty, some don't.
On the other hand I'm quite happy my Dad possibly hasn't revealed all his secrets. That could be too much.

Dave, drive carefully. There is no ice on the sea at the moment. Or are you coming by Via Baltica?

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

Things that have been said to or about me:

1) Has anyone ever told you, you look a bit like Satan? (A friend, when I was 17)

2) No, that's not your father. (Some woman with a little kid who was pointing at me - I was 20, just sitting around at Cambridge Folk Festival)

3) When I first saw you I just wanted to take you home and put you on my mantelpiece. (My ex, when I was 22, a while after we'd met. She didn't have a mantelpiece, but she did take me home).

4) You'd look great sat on a toadstool (and variations thereof - [sighs] a few people).

5) I like your beard. (Often the first thing said to me by mentally unstable people in bars. Seriously. I don't know why).

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

And by mentally unstable people, I mean people that later (or usually sooner) mention this to me.

I can only assume the beard attracts them. Still, they're usually very nice, if a little distracted.

Taiga the Fox said...

I hope that wasn't my little brother looking for his disappeared father.
Erm, maybe not, but maybe he has experienced something like that.

Also, I try to remember not to say anything positive about your beard, but I will definitely remember the toadstool-thing.