Saturday, January 06, 2007

Pop your bottles!

After having 3 days North Vixen diet of
sun dried tomatoes & mascarpone-soup,
rye bread,
gun powder tea
long matured cheddar,
we shall have a party.

a) I'm not having a flu anymore
b) the most tiresome week at work is over
c) my second blogger year just started

The cubs made some treats for you:

J's surprise chocolate raisins
Look like normal chocolate raisins, except they are not. Contain well squeezed insects.

A's surprise bubble gum
Tastes like normal bubble gum, except after a while, a finely-sculpted bee flies out of your mouth with a yo-yo.

We don't have any music, this is a silent treatment party.
Nor we have a clown, karaoke, dance floor or an icy vodka bar with cloudberry decorations.
But we do have a well behaving
fox-family nutcracker.


Dave said...

Was this filmed in the halls of the Norse gods? The dog is enormous (compared with the car parked behind it).

Thanks the cubs for the surprises. They went down a treat.

BiB said...

Perkele! Onko se sama Laika, joka oli ensimmainen koira spaçilla?

Taiga the Fox said...

Oh, she is not exactly Fenrir or the Space-Laika, just a domestic mixture of Siberian Laika & Hysky, who likes to sleep on the sofa eating cheese, chocolate and hazelnuts.

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

A belated Happy New Blogging Year!

Ye Gods, that dog of yours has strong jaws.