Wednesday, January 24, 2007

At the age of 22 T. Fox makes a courbette

Mr Fox: How much time do we have left?
T Fox: Half an hour, just and just. Our train leaves at five. Track two, Südbahnhof.
Mr Fox: So we have time to buy... Südbahnhof?
T Fox: And this is Westbahnhof. Run!
.... Hey, man there, yes you! Is the Südbahnhof far away?
Hans-Jürgen Huberübergrueger: Sehr.
Mr Fox: Take the map! Hurry!
T Fox finds the map, runs, reads, speculates, jumps, turns right and left and whines.
Mr Fox: You can stop the whining [edited version], I can see the station. Unbelievable! We did it!
T Fox: I am quite good at reading maps.
Mr Fox: Wait... let me see that map.
T Fox: Sure.
Mr Fox: This is a map of Florence, not Vienna!

Words in Finnish:

Kartta = a map
Juna-asema = a train station
Hypätä = to jump
Valittaa = to whine


Artist once known as Dave said...

What's a courbette?

Bowleserised said...

And then a capriole?

Dave – it's one of the "airs above ground" performed by the Lipizzaner stallions in the Spanish Riding School of Vienna.
The horse rears and remains in a rearing position, then hops on its back legs. It was a useful and intimidating manoeuvre on the battlefield.

Artist once known as Dave said...

Thank you. One learns something useless every day in the world of Mr and Mrs Blog.

Taiga the Fox said...

B, the capriole came natuarally after the uncensored version of "you can stop the whining". But that was long time ago, much before the birth of the Vulpes Futilis blog .

Sopwith-Camel said...

Wonderful, loved it. The last line made me think of the song "It could be Rotterdam, or anywhere, anywhere at all"

Taiga the Fox said...

Thanks S-C :)