Sunday, May 28, 2006

Superlon Mystery 23: Wife is a lemon and I want my honey back

Ella Salmon: Eiseemi! I can't believe what I see! Mamma's little robbie is back!
Eiseemi Laxi: Hello mother.
Ella Salmon: And who is this tiny friend of yours?
Eiseemi Laxi: He's the police off..
Ella Salmon: Yes dear, how nice. The police took him away.
Eiseemi Laxi: Who?
Ella Salmon: Your Daddy, darling bud of mine.

Eiseemi Laxi: But Stejar saw him sailing on the sea.
Ella Salmon: How sweet, my cutie. Does your little buddy like to taste my fishloaf?
Stejar Strahl: That sounds delicious, but..
Ella Salmon: And how are my sugarcube's piano lessons?
Eiseemi Laxi: I'm not playing anymore. But Stejar saw him...
Ella Salmon: That is so nice. Mummy is so proud of her little robsy.
I have just baked some artichoke pastries.

Eiseemi Laxi: My father hated them. He said once he'd love to smash them all.
Ella Salmon: Sweetie, I will wash your mouth with a soap like I washed your father's, that toad. Oh yes, he piled them high, into a ten turtle stack and then he left...
Eiseemi Laxi: Mother?
Stejhar Strahl: He took my Mama Zucchini, too.
Ella Salmon: That's nice, darling. Do you want to taste my terrapin tart?

To be continued...


Dave said...


Interpreter Pavlov said...

I'm always interested in the creative processes, as you can tell. What I would like to know is which comes first, the dialogue or the tableau? And once the tableau is set up, does it stay like that for ever (minus the principal characters, of course) or does everything get put away again once the photo has been taken? Clearly you're a magpie for knick-knacks and bric-à-brac (not a term that exists in French, incidentally): do you find yourself gathering them in especially for Superlon?

These are things your loyal readership should know.

taigathefox said...

Interesting question, IP. In this case the tableau comes first. Well, I've got a faint idea of the plot (if there is one) on the background before I take the shot. When the photo is taken I write the dialogue based mainly on the photo. The dialogue and story-line might change a lot, but the photo doesn't. The creation is altough very fast. It takes about an hour to make one episode :)

The cubs have left the production by the way. They didn't want to continue anymore, but I include their lines here and there. In ep 22 the line >>He said to me "I can walk with my hands" and I said to him "I can walk with my socks"<< was by A, 3 years.

The knick-knacks are for the most part normal household objects, kids' toys or my clothes (like scarfs), added with some plants, rocks etc. I have bought just two items for Superlon, but always keep my eyes open when visiting a flea market.
I'm not so keen on collecting any decorations, but I do gather lots of old dishes, glasses, bottles etc. Or actually I don't gather them, the objects just gather around me.

Interpreter Pavlov said...

Thanks for this very full exposition.

I like to think of Superlon as the only document in any form which survives the eventual total destruction of our planet, leaving Venusian - or wherever - scholars to reconstruct our civilisation from the evidence it gives, a bit like the poems of Sappho or Patroclus' wrestling with cryptogams. But I hope you'll continue to bear your responsibility lightly.

taigathefox said...

Well, this is an honour. Thank you.
I never thought seeing Superlon and Sappho in the same sentence...

The responsibility resting on my shoulders is heavy, but supposedly my merry blithesome nature and allround lightmindedness will help me in constructing the brave new Superlonian Culture.