Saturday, May 27, 2006

The 100th blog post and some surprising presents

Apparently I have written 100 mainly uninteresting blog posts since January.
Hip hip hurrah.
Here's the cake.

Recently I've also got two quite unexpected presents.
I was writing earlier about my Granny's radio and felt sad it didn't work anymore. Last weekend my Mum's old friend phoned me if I'd like an old radio. They were just throwing it away, but suddenly remembered me.

So here it is, with a green blurry light and a soft tone. I found just one channel, but it is something to listen to whilst I'll be without Internet.

Today I found these two old, beautiful books, somebody had thrown away. The other one had some interesting and handy reparation tips for the old houses.

Few pages of The Everyman's Dictionary (1948) were folded, marking these things:
- the plant collection
- mathematical signs
- platonic love
- the suffragettes
- a fox

Inside of the book were also three small notes, typed with an old typewriter:
- Traditional Logia.
- The Absurd World.
- It is or it isn't, everybody has to.


Dave said...

Coo. Another mystery. I suspect they're all linked in some way.

Probably a conspiracy.

Dave said...

Oh, and congratulations on the 100th post.

Did any of the other 99 make sense?

taigathefox said...

Sense? Are the blog posts supposed to be sensible? [totally confused now]

Word verification: Osvfham = Osram (said whilst mouth full of bread)

occasional poster of comments said...

If they are, I'm in trouble.


And that's a lovely book. Intriguing notes, especially that last one. It reminded me of the out-of-context conversation snippets here.

(I should refresh the browser more often, I only found this post a few minutes ago)

taigathefox said...

The notes were odd and I got bit scared, because the fox page was folded. I think I must have looked like I had had an ex-file type of experience.

>>(I should refresh the browser more often, I only found this post a few minutes ago)<<
Yep. I have noticed you're keen on musing on things for quite a long time :)

And thanks for the link. From now on I will include some of those lines into my conversations.
It's like... excuse me, you seem to be wearing my face.
In France it's called "The Magical Wardrobe"
or I wouldn't rely on a guy called Anonymous Funkster.

mimi buzzard said...

Strange that one of the Everyman pages was folded and marked on must have been meant for you

taigathefox said...

I thought that too, but nobody here knows.
I found another message, written with pencil: "chainletters are from devil".
It's a bit spooky book actually.