Friday, May 05, 2006

Superlon mystery 19: Their World Is Full Of Smashing Bores

Lieber Sandmann flew them to the Gates of Lemon.

Stejar Strahl: What does this sign mean? Not suitable for under age of 3 or over 3?
Eiseemi Laxi: Never mind the sign. The tormentor of the insomniacs is already gone back to Demokratisches Dreamland Realm.
If I were you I'd be more concerned about the dog above you.

Raisin-faced doggy: Mosh your heads to drop the sand!
Eye-liner doggy: It's time for lemoneye!
Stejar Strahl: Thanks a lot, we are quite thirsty...
Eye-liner doggy: I meant put the slices of lemon on your eyes.
Raisin-faced doggy: Go on. Talk to the Hand!

Eiseemi Laxi: I can't see, somebody turned out the lights.
Stejar Strahl: I'd rather be running in sleepsand than lying under this drooling thing.

Never Clever Hand: You want the ring?
Stejar Strahl: Yes!
Never Clever Hand: Ring, ring, the happiest find of them all!
Eiseemi Laxi: But it's a wrong ring!
Never Clever Hand: Ring, ring, I stare at the phone on the wall.
Stejar Strahl: We were searching for a green ring.
Never Clever Hand: It doesn't matter what it looks like. Use your imagination. It is the core that matters.
Stejar Strahl: Well, Hemmo Mikko never wasn't so fussy anyway. And he is quite happy with his Swedish ponylove.

Never Clever Hand: I promise you with this ring, you will find your thing.
Eiseemi Laxi: Actually I'm quite bored of the rings. Could you help us to find my turtle?
Never Clever Hand: It's inside of...

Raisin-faced doggy: Lights on, lemons off.
Eye-liner doggy: Waky waky!

To be continued...


occasional poster of comments said...

Mmm. Sparkling, effervescent, citrusy - a cool, refreshing Superlonic tonic. Just right for a hot day like today. Heaven knows, I'm not so miserable now :)

(It was a Morrisey reference, wasn't it? I first read it as Their world is full of smashing bones, which also kind of rang a bell, so now I'm not too sure).

taigathefox said...

It's +24 C here too, finally...
You seemed to have some lively occasional imposter party yesterday in your blog (?)

(Yep, it is Morrissey. No crashing bones, though :)

Dave said...

Hurrah! You are alive. I thouight some Norse semi-god had dragged you away.

Nice Abba quote in the middle there too.

occasional poster of comments said...

I meant to leave it as just those first three comments, but then it sort of spiralled...

Not 4'33": a haven for seabird-botherers. Apparently. Whatever they might be.

mimi buzzard said...

I loved todays Superlon Mystery - bravo Miss Fox!

Interpreter Pavlov said...

Are there ever any outdoor scenes in Superlon? The Ronald Firbankesque dialogue often suggests that it takes place out of doors, but the photos are always interiors. But perhaps I haven't looked closely enough.
Glad to have you back. I had visions of you on your red bike with no brakes . . .

Sopwith-Camel said...

That dog looks like Churchill, the insurance salesman. Oh, yes.

taigathefox said...

Dave; Put a Norse and a Finn somewhere. Finn winns. I have just been outside seeing the sudden summer.

OPC; the black grouse has apparently pestered you again. Whatever that might be.

Mimi; Thanks again :)

IP; It has been too cold before for outdoor shooting, but now I could...
Oh, I use the red brakeless just in the countryside. I use my lovely lapiz lazulish-shaded Kuwahara for city-driving.

S-C; it does a bit actually :)

mimi buzzard said...

I agree with S-C too.